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Saturday, November 29, 2014

New old car

We've been down to one car since putting the Miata away for the winter. She's old and doesn't like the cold. Just kidding! It's a little sports car and has always been babied and that's why it's still in amazing shape after 24 years. Yes, our car is old.

Well, we're back up to two cars after picking up this beauty today:

Meet the little blue car.
What? You don't think that's a sexy car? Me neither. It's a 1992 Mazda 323. It only has two doors, it's an automatic, and is apparently quite slow. Definitely not as spirited as either the Miata or the WRX, but that's not why we bought it. We bought it because it was cheap, it is in decent condition, and now we have a second car that J can take to snowcross and ice racing, and I can take to births.

Welcome to the family, little blue car. May you at least last the winter.

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