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Saturday, November 1, 2014

NaBloPoMo is back!

NaBloPoMo November 2014

Maybe you're a blogger all over this, or maybe you remember me blogging my heart out last November, or maybe you have no idea what a Nablopomo is. NAtional BLOg POsting MOnth is what it stands for. I'm committing to blogging every day this month and I hope you'll join me.

Posting every day is a challenge but helpful to really get in the groove and let the words flow. It's hard finding the time, the words, the inspiration, and sometimes it's just remembering to hit publish day after day.

I'm up for the challenge. After 10 years of blogging, I know it's a part of my life and I'll do it no matter what. I need to write the same way some people need to exercise or eat chocolate or watch movies. We all have our things and I only realized writing was my thing when I found myself feeling grumpy when I hadn't written in a while. Some days/weeks I'll watch a lot of tv or get into a really good book and I won't write much and I can feel it. Do you have something like that?

Why can't my thing be exercise or eating healthy food?


  1. Best of luck for the month and look forward to reading you! I have yet to have the courage to give this a try. - Louise

  2. Wow, you have been blogging for 10 years! That is amazing.

    This is my first time participating in NaBloPoMo. I think I finally have that accronym down. LOL! Cannot wait to see what else you write.