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Monday, November 10, 2014

I don't know how to be proud of my kids

This post isn't about the mommy wars, believe me. I think that all parents think their kid is a genius. And we all want the best for our kids. I'm no exception, but I really struggle when it comes to being proud of my kids. Out loud at least.

My heart swells when they do things for the first time, be it a physical feat or a mental task. I excitedly tell J all about it. ALL about it. That's what he gets for letting me stay home with the kids.

What I don't do, though, is tell people about it. Sure, I'll answer direct questions about what my kids can do, but I won't rush up to you and scream that they can do whatever-may-be-advanced-for-their-age.

Hmm, except walking. They both started walking early and I was just so excited.

When I picked up Little K from preschool today, one of the teachers told me she had done this worksheet all by herself and that she was ready for grade 1. Grade 1. Her words.

IMG_1805 (Medium)
P is for pig and pie.

Little K is 3 and she loves to print her letters. Is she ready for school? Hell no! She's still having a hard time going to preschool for 2 hours two days a week.

While I'm happy she's doing well with printing, I know in my mama heart that there are so many more things she needs to work on. She'll be ready for school come September, but that's still most of a year away.

Just like I had nothing to do with my babies walking early, other than giving her access to paper and something to write with, I have little to do with Little K's printing.

But yes, my kids are geniuses.

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  1. I so, so totally get this. I am the same way - I am definitely proud of my kids, and tell them so, but I'm really almost paranoid about sharing any kind of info of this nature with others. I don't want to sound braggy, or make others feel bad, or make my kids feel weird...but then sometimes I wonder if THEY wonder why I don't talk about them like the other mommies do. GAH, parenting, it's always such a catch-22.