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Thursday, November 6, 2014


IMG_1773 (Medium)
Our big pumpkin had eyelashes.

This was the best Halloween yet! I say that every year because as the kids get older they get more and more excited and understand more what's going on. And it gets easier every year... no one had to be carried this year!

We started out by pulling out the Halloween bin and decorating the house. We don't go crazy, but we do have things I've collected over the past few years including a big spider web that goes on the ceiling. The kids really like the Halloween puzzles and books and I like that they're stashed away for most of the year!

_MG_4137.CR2 (Medium)
A butterfly and SpiderMan.
I found a butterfly costume second hand for Little K and she was mega excited about it but when it came time to get dressed she wouldn't put it on. I'm not surprised. Instead she wore some cheapie wings we had and held a wand. I guess she was still a butterfly but we had more than one person call her a pretty fairy.

Little J's SpiderMan costume was definitely a good buy. He wore it to school all day, out trick-or-treating that night, and again to a costume party the next day.

_MG_4150.CR2 (Medium)
Getting candy from the boys next door.

We really lucked out with the weather - it was a little chilly, but not raining. We went around the block and met up with our neighbours mid-way. We were out for about an hour and only once was Little K spooked.

_MG_4151.CR2 (Medium)
Going through their loot.
We learned from our mistake last year and put out all the Halloween candy before we left. It was gone by the time we got home.

IMG_1710 (Medium)
One piece before bed!
We don't do any candy tax (where the parents take candy right off the bat) or Switch Witch (where candy is exchanged for a toy). We try and make sure the kids have about the same amount and then let them have a piece a day. We never make it through all the candy, which isn't a bad thing!

I hope you had a great Halloween!

NaBloPoMo November 2014

Psst! One of my favourite things about this blog is being able to look back so I read about our past Halloweens and smiled at the little faces staring back at me. This is my virtual scrapbook and I love it. Thanks for reading along.

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