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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

First snowfall

IMG_1876 (Medium)
Me and my baby girl.

Yesterday it snowed pretty much all day. It was wet snow snow so instead of heading inside after school, we went in the backyard and made snowmen. It was still lightly snowing and it wasn't too cold. Just perfect for being outside.

J joined us too and we had a big snowball fight. This isn't something we've been able to do before but both kids seem big enough now. Little J was all over it, throwing huge piles of snow at J. I was tasked with making snowballs for Little K so should could creep up to J, throw them at him, and run away.

It was so much fun and a perfect start to the snow season.

IMG_1875 (Medium)
Little J and the snowmen.

IMG_1874 (Medium)
Little K.

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