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Monday, November 3, 2014

Dinosaur museum with friends

It was a week and a half ago now, on that crazy day with the shooting, Little K and I were out and about in the morning. Wet met up with friends at the dinosaur museum.

IMG_1598 (Medium)
Gotta love the beautiful building.
We got there early and I thought we could quickly check out the dinosaurs since that room is right by the doors. No dice. My little girl is apparently scared of dinosaurs. What about the ocean animals? She was fine with the fish tank at the front, but she cried as soon as we went around it to where the enormous whale skeleton is. Apparently she's scared of everything.

IMG_1599 (Medium)
Glowing my way?
We waited for our friends in the lobby. I wasn't sure how the visit would go exactly when they wanted to see all the things and baby girl wanted to see none of the things. You know how it is with old friends though, it always works out. They arrived and we hugged and I got to meet their new baby. They went through and saw the dinosaurs. Little K and I had a snack while they went by the extremely scary whale skeleton.

IMG_1601 (Medium)
Checking out the colourful rocks.
Everyone was fine with the rocks and gems and it was nice to see the girls together and spend some time with their Little B. She's adorable and much bigger than last time I saw her. Her and Little K were cute together, often sitting side by side or both pointing at the same things.

IMG_1603 (Medium)
There was this one game in the bird area that they both really liked.

IMG_1604 (Medium)
Bird game.
The area with all the spiders and bugs creeps me right out, but I did stick around long enough to notice that they decorated for Halloween and thought that was cute. You couldn't pay me enough to put wee pumpkins in with scorpions though!

IMG_1606 (Medium)
Scorpion pumpkin
It was so nice to see my friends, friends I used to see pretty much weekly but now it's about once a year. Maybe I'll make a trip up to Whitehorse to visit, but not until at least the spring!

The dinosaur museum is great as always, but I will not be taking Little K there again for a while. Not when she's too scared to see half the stuff. Grr.

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