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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tutorial: No-sew tulle dress

Not my typical post, but too cute to not share!

My brother got married last winter in Africa. It was a beautiful beach ceremony with just him and his wife. The pictures are gorgeous. Because it was just the two of them they wanted to have a ceremony and reception in Toronto so everyone could come.

The reception was last September right before school started. I was given things to look for in a dress, and I ran every option by the bride before settling on a yellow flowy dress. It was an adult affair, but because it's my brother, the kids were invited too.

I ran everything by the bride for the kids too and we settled on khaki pants and a light red button up for Little J, but Little K was harder. Flower girl dresses are expensive and I wasn't sure she'd even wear one. I looked around and kept coming back to the idea of making a dress for her. I'd made tutus before so when I found a no-sew tutu dress, I jumped in. Here's how I did it.

I found tulle in Michaels, a craft store. There are lots of colours available but I stuck with white and light pink.

IMG_6262 (Medium)
So many options!

IMG_6263 (Medium)
A big roll is only $5.
I grabbed a crochet headband from Walmart and used a bucket to hold it while putting the tulle on. You cut strips of tulle, fold the strips in half and knot them onto the headband through the holes. I've used elastic for the waistband for tutus.

IMG_6267 (Medium)
Use what you've got!

IMG_6268 (Medium)
Fold tulle in half and then knot on to headband.

IMG_6269 (Medium)
Making the first row of tulle.

I wanted a full dress so I went around the bottom of the headband - two whites and a pink - and again the next row up.

IMG_6270 (Medium)
This is one row of tulle.

IMG_6271 (Medium)
Two rows of tulle.

IMG_6272 (Medium)
Close up.

My dress was yellow so I clipped a yellow flower to the headband and my work was done. That took me about an hour including cutting and knotting and pushing the cat away over and over.

IMG_6279 (Medium)
All done!

Little K wore white leggings and a white tank top with the tutu over top, and sparkly silver shoes.

_MG_1265.CR2 (Medium)
View from the top.

_MG_1267.CR2 (Medium)
View from above.

You can get creative with colours and ribbon and even add straps, but this simple tutu dress was perfect for my little girl and took me about an hour (two if you include shopping and driving to and from the stores). It cost me about $30 and Little K has worn the leggings and tank top ever since.

At the wedding, I was getting ready with the bride and all of her girls, so when J walked in with the kids I almost cried. They were so cute and scared. I'm really proud of this dress and know that Little K loved it and had a great time dancing the night away.

With Halloween coming up, you could make a tutu to go with pretty much any outfit, and make your little girl smile. If I can do it, you can do it!

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