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Friday, October 17, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

IMG_1553 (Medium)
Beautiful centerpiece made by Little J.
Our Thanksgiving weekend was a mix of crazy-busy and very low key. There were huge family dinners and a lot of lazy time spent at home.

Little J is old enough to appreciate not going to school and we took the opportunity to have one of his little friends over. This friend was in his class last year but in a different one this year and he's not having a great time. They had a great time playing Friday morning and the kids introduced him to Beyblades. I think I know what he'll be getting for Christmas!

IMG_1523 (Medium)
Little playdate.
Having a friend over isn't that taxing but was apparently enough to tire out Little K who needed a nap before Thanksgiving dinner #1. J has a huge family and I wasn't feeling especially social, but sitting on the couch listening to the conversations around me was still nice.

IMG_1525 (Medium)
Too much sun flare.
Before the chaos of dinner #2 we did some cleaning and I put the kids to work. They fought over who got to clean.

IMG_1533 (Medium)
Earning their keep.
We also tested out some new nail polish that I'm reviewing for Ottawa Mommy Club. Verdict: We like it!

IMG_1548 (Medium)
All the colours!
We spent some time with my parents but not my brother and his wife because they recently moved to the US. Then it was time for the big turkey dinner. Almost 30 people crammed in eating turkey and ham and firing cheap cracker toys across the room. We all wore our silly hats and clapped when a blazing napkin was extinguished quickly. It was crazy and chaotic and we left after a certain little girl fell and hit her head pretty badly.

IMG_1530 (Medium)
Annual silly hats.
IMG_1529 (Medium)
Someone wouldn't put on her hat.

IMG_1527 (Medium)
Little J loves the craziness.

We spent a lot of time with J's sister and fiance and introduced them to the Lego movie. It was an exercise in restraint: we're teaching Little J about not spoiling things for others. He just gets so excited!

IMG_1551 (Medium)
Excited for the Lego movie!
We also saw a ginormous spider outside and I'm glad it wasn't at my house.

IMG_1549 (Medium)
Creepy crawlie.
And because it was the long weekend J and I felt like it was okay to stay up late playing old school video games. I'm talking Super Mario 3. It was awesome. Jealous?

IMG_1521 (Medium)
Sitting on the floor playing Mario 3. Fun!
I shouldn't end this post without telling you what I'm thankful for so here goes. I'm thankful for my body and my mind that are both relatively healthy, J, my little ones including Sandy the cat, and old school video games. And the fact that it's Friday again. Happy weekend!

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