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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Currently: My life, my Ottawa

Yesterday morning, after dropping Little J at the bus stop, Little K and I headed to the dinosaur museum (the Museum of Nature) to meet up with friends. Not something we do every day, but not completely out of the ordinary. What was out of the ordinary was that, a little before 10 am we heard a LOT of sirens. My friends said they saw a ton of police cars zipping by outside. We didn't think much of it, there were dinosaurs to see.

Turns out Little K is incredibly scared of dinosaurs so we sat outside the exhibit waiting for our friends to go through. I quickly checked twitter in case there was any news to explain the sirens we heard earlier. There was. Police were responding to a shooting downtown. Tweets about a soldier down, the smell of gunpowder in Parliament, and possibly more shootings. You could feel the panic through the screen of my phone. And what was I doing? Meandering through a museum, trying to convince my 3-year-old to see the exhibits, and chatting with my friends. Museum staff told us the doors were locked and we wouldn't be able to leave just yet.

Lock down.

I felt safe and secure, and in disbelief that this was happening in Ottawa. There have been a number of events recently that really make you question the world, but to have it happening in your own city feels strange.

J called. He was in lock down without his phone and with spotty internet connection.

After a quick lunch we left the museum. A security guard was checking everyone coming in, but we were allowed to leave. When I got home, I read through my Facebook newsfeed and Twitter. I learned that all Ottawa schools were in lock down, something I hadn't even considered because we live in the suburbs. Little J's school went from lock down to secure something and he'd be coming home on the bus like normal.

J was stuck at work. He was let out eventually and was home about an hour and a half later than usual, which is much earlier than some people. News reports, speculation, and ideas were thrown around all day, but finally around 8pm the Prime Minister spoke.

While I personally wasn't much affected by the events yesterday, our city was, and people died. Things have changed yes, but things have also stayed the same. Life goes on and never is this so evident to me than during a tragedy. The kids still needed to be fed dinner and read books before bed. They needed reminding to floss before brushing and needed to be put back to bed a million times. Everyone went back to work today, Little J is at school and Little K had preschool. Life goes on.
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My life, currently, looks like this:

I'm READING lots. I just finished my 51st book of 2014 (full list here) and am trying to narrow down my favourites to share with you. I have a stack of book books on my bedside table and at least 1 pregnancy/childbirth book I want to read. I read when I need some time to myself. I read when I want to get out of my mind, away from the things making me sad. I read before bed.

I've been WATCHING more tv lately than usual. Dancing With the Stars is back, so is Grey's Anatomy, and Modern Family. J and I haven't gotten into Homeland yet, but we did start watching Brooklyn 99 together and it's nice to have a show to watch together that isn't horrible (24, I'm looking at you).

I finally did my CPR training. I realized a while ago that I wouldn't trust my kids to the care of someone without it yet they've been home with me for the past 3.5 years and I wasn't trained. Silly. So I did that and I'm feeling quite accomplished.

And then I think about EXERCISE and I shake my head. My natural state is lazy blob so recently I started with the 30 day programs: squats, pushups, and abs. Maybe after 30 days, it'll become part of my normal and my natural state will change into something more active.

Speaking of ACTIVE I signed J and the kids up for a race this weekend. I have a workshop all day or I would have gone too. They'll have fun and I'll learn a great new skill to use with my doula clients (more on that in another post).

I'm LOVING seeing old friends and seeing our kids interact. It's something special when you're chatting away because you haven't seen each other in forever and you look over and your kids are running together or sharing a snack or hugging. It's a beautiful thing.

And finally, I'm HOPEFUL that things will go back to normal in Ottawa soon.

Thank you to Danielle from Sometimes Sweet for the inspiration for the second half of this post.

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