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Monday, October 13, 2014

Butterfly Show

IMG_1512 (Medium)

It's that time again.. time for the annual butterfly show at Carleton University! Today is the last day so I hope you already went. I heard from a lot of people that there were huge lineups, but Little K and I lucked out when we went one rainy morning last week. We walked right in.

IMG_1498 (Medium)
Cute in her rain gear.

IMG_1508 (Medium)
The picture that everyone takes.
This was our 4th year but first without Little J. Turns out Little K is petrified of butterflies though she likes the idea of them. And pictures of them.

IMG_1500 (Medium)
Species sign.
IMG_1505 (Medium)
Yeah, so not a fan.
After about 5 minutes in the greenhouse where she was hyperventilating and practically screaming at me to get out of there, we went to watch the fish (there's a big tank just down the hall) for a while.

IMG_1507 (Medium)
Fish instead of butterflies.
I hardly got any pictures of the butterflies. Hopefully next year she'll be happier about it. Though next year she'll be in school too... hm. Did you get out to see the butterflies?

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