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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Abby Hill Farms - pumpkins, petting zoo, and pony rides!

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It was just weird timing that Little J came up to me a couple of weekends ago and said that I had promised them a horseback ride this summer. First, I can't believe his memory is so good. Second, I said that?? Third, I had recently driven by Prince of Wales and Bankfield and saw a sign about pony rides. The weather was beautiful so I was able to make good on my promise and we headed out to Abby Hill Famrs.

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Happy kids sitting on a bale of hay.
Abby Hill Farms is not a big farm at all. It's a structure that houses a little farmer's market this time of year. On the grounds are piles and piles of pumpkins and enough room for a petting zoo and pony rides.

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Petting zoo and pumpkins.
The petting zoo was pretty awesome. Little J made some goat friends and Little K loved the baby goats (the smallest ones, not sure that they were babies). Personally, I think goats are a little odd looking, and much preferred the fluffy chickens.

IMG_1374 (Medium)
Animals looking for shade on a summery fall day.

IMG_1353 (Medium)
Little K after petting a donkey.

IMG_1352 (Medium)
Little J and his goat friend.
The pony rides were anything fancy, but they were perfect. The kids were led around in a circle, loving every second.
IMG_1388 (Medium)
Ponies? Horses?
I think the highlight for Little J was when his horse stopped to pee. Oh the giggles!

IMG_1369 (Medium)
Proud little man.

IMG_1357 (Medium)
Happy little girl.
If you go, know that you have to buy your tickets for the pony rides at the "farm". I think it was $2 a ride. They also have food you can buy to feed the petting zoo animals. It was a dollar and you got an ice cream cone filled with food. We opted to just pet the animals.

On our way out, we picked up 3 mini pumpkins and the kids decorated them when we got home. I think we'll head to another pumpkin patch later in the month to pick out a big pumpkin, but this was a nice little outing on what turned out to be a beautiful summery fall day. And now my kids can cross pony rides off the bucket list - win!

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