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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Visiting the farm ~ summer bucket list

We're still adjusting to our new routine with Little J at school full days. It's been harder than expected.. he's doing well but Little K is having a hard time without her brother around. I didn't realize just how much they entertained each other until it's on me to entertain a kid the entire day. So we're learning how to survive these days, and while we settle into our new normal, I thought I'd write up some fun things we did a few weeks ago during the last full week of summer. We crammed in a lot of fun adventures - some old and some new - things that you can do with kids in Ottawa. First up was the Agriculture Museum, fondly known as the farm.

IMG_0829 (Medium)
Inside the horse barn.
For two years we had a membership that got us into three Ottawa museums - Science and Tech, Aviation and Space, and Agriculture, otherwise known as the train museum, the plane museum, and the farm. Parking was free and we went often. Our membership expired almost a year ago. I let it because Little J was in school and we didn't have time to go during the week. But we miss going so when I suggested we go to the farm the kids were so excited!

IMG_0831 (Medium)
Goody the bull.
IMG_0832 (Medium)
Outside cows.
We used to go around the farm the same way every time but we switched it up a bit this time and I even convinced the kids to go through the goat and sheep barn. We hadn't been through there in almost 3 years because of Little J being so scared by a loud goat when he was little. So this visit we saw the inside horses and cows, the outside horses and cows, the chickens, the sheep and goats, the bunnies and pigs, the outside goats, donkey and llamas, and then we went inside. There's a whole building dedicated to agriculture. It's relatively new and not a place we've spent much time exploring.

IMG_0835 (Medium)
IMG_0836 (Medium)
Loud goats.
IMG_0848 (Medium)
Outside goats and donkey.
IMG_0850 (Medium)
Learning about agriculture.
After that was the inside cows and baby cows, the outside energy area, and finally the park. The park at the farm is really great - so many climbing options and different slides. The kids are big enough that I don't have to worry about them not being able to get from one place to the next (I'm looking at you, rope bridge!) so I can sit on one of the benches. When we were sitting there, some employees were taking chickens out of the coop. The kids and I were able to pet a chicken and it fell asleep in the girl's hands while we were petting it.

IMG_0853 (Medium)
Inside cows.
IMG_0854 (Medium)
They don't like how cows smell.
IMG_0855 (Medium)
Energy park.
IMG_0856 (Medium)
Sleepy chicken.
Before leaving, I let both kids pick one thing they'd like to see again. They both chose the pigs so we ran over to the pig barn and went through it again. We couldn't see the teeny piglets because they were behind mom. Ah well.
IMG_0861 (Medium)
Enjoying the park.

IMG_0863 (Medium)
Riding the donation pig.

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