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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The train museum ~ summer bucket list

Like I said yesterday, I'm playing a bit of catch up. The week before school started, I took the kids out on a few adventures and am writing them up now. This was our trip to the train museum, the Science and Technology Museum, here in Ottawa. Bad news: the museum has been closed indefinitely due to mould in the air. And now they're debating whether the museum should stay at that location. Whatever they decide, I hope they figure it out soon. This was our favourite place to go while we had our membership.

I had won tickets to the museum on Twitter and picked them up that morning at the security office. The kids ran around the gift shop while I waited in line. We used to have our route pretty much the same every time we visited, but since discovering the light tunnels, they have been our first stop. You can follow a path through the tunnels or you can just run around like a crazy person... I'm sure you can guess which we did. Little K ended up freaking out at one point so we had to leave.

After the tunnels, we pretty much followed our typical path: trains, Canadian cars, building cars, a bit of weather and space stuff on our way to the crazy kitchen, and then playing with the toys. This trip the kids tried the hamster wheel and scrambled to plug their ears when the electricity was generated. After that it was time to go.

I knew it would be a while before we went back so after grabbing some lunch we explored the lighthouse, the train, and the rocket ship. It was such a beautiful day and a nice time with my babies. I hope they figure out the mould issue or find a new location for the museum. Like I said, this has been a favourite of ours for the past 3 years.

IMG_0870 (Medium)
Entering the light tunnels.

IMG_0872 (Medium)
I have this same picture over the years - love it!

IMG_0876 (Medium)
Little J is big enough to sit on the bike by himself!

IMG_0884 (Medium)
Such a huge revenue getter I'm sure! You launch coins and watch the circle the drain.

IMG_0886 (Medium)
The crazy kitchen.

IMG_0890 (Medium)
The kids area.

IMG_0892 (Medium)
The hamster wheel.

IMG_0895 (Medium)
Little K and her car.

IMG_0896 (Medium)
Little J and his.

IMG_0900 (Medium)
The lighthouse.

IMG_0901 (Medium)

IMG_0903 (Medium)


  1. This is so sad to hear, K! My eldest loves this museum. If anything, I hope that the museum is moved and not closed. I think kids need as many places to learn while they play as possible, The Science and Tech Museum is a great place for this to happen, The nation's capital needs a museum like this. Crossing my fingers!

    1. Me too. I'm sure something will happen.. whatever that is who knows!

  2. We also love it here, we go several times a year. I cannot imagine the logistics involved in moving stuff like the lighthouse and train engines. I've heard that there really isn't any chance (or any money) to move the building so it's definitely going to be a clean up - hope it doesn't take too long.

    1. Ah good point... cleaning the building is probably the cheapest option.