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Monday, September 1, 2014

Soap Box Derby in Manotick

Manotick has some pretty fun things happening year round. Last weekend was our first time checking out the soapbox derby. Little J was quite upset to find out he's too young, but I can totally see him and J making their own car so he can race it when he turns 7.

IMG_0795 (Medium)
At the top.
IMG_0800 (Medium)
We found a patch of shade to watch the races.
IMG_0805 (Medium)
The view from the bottom of the hill.
I didn't catch the set up, but the cars race down a hill two at a time, and there must have been 30 cars. It doesn't compare to actual car racing in sound or speed so I'm glad there was other stuff going on. Little K got a balloon bunny and Little J got an octopus (with only 6 legs, but anyway). There was also a bouncy house and facepainting.

IMG_0808 (Medium)
The balloon guy was hilarious.
IMG_0809 (Medium)
The kids with their balloon animals.
It was a nice little afternoon out with my family. Manotick knows how to throw a party.

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