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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sky Zone ~ summer bucket list

It's been a long few weeks since school started, especially since I was observing a childbirth class last weekend for my doula certification and yesterday we were out all day. It's a rainy Sunday afternoon and I've set the kids up with Bambi so here I am.

Like I said last week, I took the kids on many adventures the week before school started, like the farm and the train museum, and today I want to rave about Skyzone!

Sky zone is an indoor trampoline park that opened in Ottawa in the last year or so. I've been wanting to take the kids, and finally did. After paying admission and putting on our stylish orange socks, we went exploring. Well, not before taking an awesome selfie.

IMG_0926 (Medium)
Selfie with our orange socks.

The biggest part of Sky Zone is a mash of trampolines, separated by blue padding which serves as walkways between the bouncy squares. Trampolines even go up the walls. There were some rules for this area, but the kids had no trouble following along and staying on their own square... for the most part.

IMG_0987 (Medium)
The best picture I have of the main area.
The most fun, in my opinion, was the jumping zone where you ran and bounced into a pile of foam blocks. I even got to try this out and Little J used my phone to take pictures. Isn't it great having a 5-year-old?

IMG_0959 (Medium)
Little K jumping in.

IMG_0955 (Medium)
Little J jumping into the foam pit.

IMG_0942 (Medium)
The kids really really liked the basketball nets and we spent most of the morning there. There are nets at three different heights and the kids took turns bouncing along the rectangular trampoline and launching the ball to the net. It was infinitely funny watching Little K do this because she was so bad at it!
IMG_0976 (Medium)
Bounce bounce!

IMG_0978 (Medium)
Little J launching the ball.
IMG_0967 (Medium)
Waiting patiently.
IMG_0965 (Medium)
Little K giving it her best.
The kids love to "height" themselves though I'm not sure what area had a height requirement. Maybe the dodgeball areas that were closed.

IMG_0961 (Medium)
The kids weren't tall enough.. for what, I'm not sure.
Before we left we put our stickers on the big ball. Sky Zone was a ton of fun and now that we own the orange socks we'll have to go back. Plus we have to take J so he can bounce around too.

IMG_1002 (Medium)
Little K adding her sticker to the enormous ball of stickers.
Sky Zone was a ton of fun, but if you go, remember these tips:

- Check for deals first. I've seen Sky Zone on Groupon.
- Remember your orange socks because you can't go in without them.
- Toddler time is perfect for little ones.
- Bring a lock to stash away your stuff in the lockers near the front.

We'll definitely be back!


  1. It is fun isn't it! My kids loved it and the Friday night deal is great for my teens!

    1. I wish it had been around when I was a teen!

  2. Ah awesome review! I've been meaning to check out the toddler time. Looks fun!

    1. We went for toddler time so I'm not sure how it is at other times. I wasn't worried about my two though so your Little J should be fine!