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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Little Ray's Reptiles ~ summer bucket list

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Back in April Little K and I went to Kidsfest where we were given some 2-for-1 passes to Little Ray's Reptiles. I couldn't wait to take the kids this summer, but didn't get to it until the week before school started. It was Sky Zone jumping fun in the morning and reptile fun in the afternoon. We've been a number of times over the years and each time we see something new.

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Marmoset monkeys.
The first stop when getting to Little Ray's are the marmoset monkeys. These cute little guys race around their enclosure much to everyone's delight. I could watch them for hours!

The zoo has hands-on shows and feeding demonstrations throughout the day and you'll likely catch at least one no matter what time you go. We arrived during a show and got to see a few of the animals and Little K was the brave one this trip and touched everything.

IMG_1023 (Medium)
I mentioned that there's something new every time we visit. Well this trip it was the bats in back of the show room. The show room has wooden benches with tanks/enclosures at the back. They're a nice little distraction for the kids when the animals are getting taken around which can sometimes take a while. I've never seen bats in captivity and can confirm that they are almost impossible to photograph with an iPhone.

IMG_1009 (Medium)
Touching a snake.
IMG_1006 (Medium)
An iguana I think.

IMG_1022 (Medium)
Checking out the turtle.
I don't remember ever seeing a porcupine at the zoo either. It was a sleepy little guy.

IMG_1020 (Medium)
Little K and the porcupine.
IMG_1012 (Medium)
The lights were off in the main part so we rushed through to the back where the door to the outside is. Don't miss the outside when you go. There are big cats (not on this particular visit), bald eagles, tortoises, and a huge dinosaur skeleton.

IMG_1017 (Medium)
Majestic eagle.
IMG_1015 (Medium)
Scary dino.
IMG_1013 (Medium)
Love the tortoises.
Back inside it was really hard to convince the kids to look at anything because they were creeped out with the lights off. Lucky for us there was a feeding demo starting soon. Little Ray's has some really great people working there and the girl doing the demos that day was good with the kids. We got to see a toad and a snake eat, and then watch the marmosets scurry around after crickets.

IMG_1034 (Medium)
Trying to answer a question.

We love visiting the zoo and will be back because I still have a 2-for-1 pass!

That was the last adventure of our summer vacation so I'll be back with some thoughts about school and preschool and maybe a book review or two. Thanks for reading!

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