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Monday, September 8, 2014

Little J's 5th birthday questionnaire

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Little J at his party with his friends.

It's been a little crazy around here with school starting and Little J's birthday weekend, but I did manage to ask Little J the questions I ask the kids every year on their birthdays. I love our little tradition and this year what really stood out is Little J's indecisiveness, the use of um before almost every answer.

Here's a peek into this little brain:

How old are you? Five!
What's your name? Little J (he said his actual name)
Where do you live? On {our street name}
What's your favourite colour? Umm, black. No, yellow.
What's your favourite food? Yogurt. It's protein.
Who's your best friend? Um, my best friend? Um, uh, Little C (said his actual name)
What's your favourite game? Snakes and ladders.
What's your favourite tv show? Um, Johnny Test.
What do you want to be when you grow up? Um, a teacher. No nono actually um a cowboy. Nono, um maybe hmm um a construction worker. When I grow up I'm going to choose.
What's your favourite animal? Um, cheetahs.
What's your favourite book? Um, Cow Takes a Bow.
Do you have a girlfriend? What? Um, Kailyn (a girl from his class)
What's your favourite song? Ah, um, Racing to the wolf (a song from Thomas about racing to the WHARF!) and Everything is Awesome!
What's your favourite letter? Um, K.

I'm working on writing up his party and his day today. How is my little man already five??

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  1. Loved this questionnaire! My favourite responses were to questions #5, #9 and #10! Congrats on your little guys's big day!