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Friday, September 5, 2014

First day of school, first day of preschool

Yesterday was the day: the start of school and preschool. First up was Little J. His bus came around 8:45am. Yes, we're lucky that our mornings are rushed, but don't start too early.

Both kids were so excited that everything went smoothly and we weren't too late for pictures. AND they smiled for the pictures and let me take (more than) a few!

IMG_1071 (Medium)
Little J starting SK.

IMG_1070 (Medium)
Little K starting preschool.

_MG_4077.CR2 (Medium)
On the step.

IMG_1066 (Medium)
My little little girl.

IMG_1068 (Medium)
My big little man.

IMG_1072 (Medium)
And one more together.
We made our way to the bus stop. I'm glad we went a bit farther to talk to the parents who were gathered because the bus didn't actually come up our street this year and we would have had to run from where we were originally. There was one little boy from Little J's class at the bus stop and some other kids we recognized from the neighbourhood. There were some nervous parents and anxious kids, but everyone did great.

IMG_1074 (Medium)
On his way!
Little K and I made our way home together, and with 30 minutes before her preschool started, she was too excited to wait. So we got in the car and drove to the community center. I told her we'd have to wait, but when we peaked in the room, the ladies ushered Little K in and shooed me out.

IMG_1076 (Medium)
Adjusting her backpack.

IMG_1078 (Medium)
So excited for preschool.
I was remembering how hard it was leaving Little J at preschool, how he cried the whole first day, and how he didn't want to go for the first few weeks. Little K just went right in and was all smiles when I picked her up. Bit by bit she told me the things she did at preschool. Her favourite was the parachute game, and then it was the butterfly she coloured orange, and then it was the alphabet puzzle. I'm just so happy she was happy. It helps to have seen Little J go before her.

We spent the afternoon together just the two of us and then we went to get Little J. He hopped off the bus all smiles and told us pieces about his day. Sounds like he had fun, ate all his food, and got to play outside a lot. He came home with some papers and one said his favourite thing was recess.

He's excited for school and my baby girl is upset she doesn't have preschool again until Monday. I'd say that was a great first day of school and preschool!

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