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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Birthday boy

Little J's 5th birthday party was this past weekend. It was full of friends, presents, hand-made Batman decorations, balloon animals galore, and yummy cake. Our little man had a great time, declaring it the best birthday party ever!

We kept it small and simple this year: a short guest list and minimal decorations. The food was easy too: snacks and juice boxes, hamburgers and hotdogs, and cupcakes and a Batman cake.

_MG_4113.CR2 (Medium)
Batman cake from Cakeadoodledoo.
IMG_1130 (Medium)
The birthday boy.
The kids spent most of the party out back racing around, climbing the structure, and requesting the most ridiculous balloon animals. Fire-breathing, flying coyote? Sure! (Thank to J who learned how to make balloon animals from watching YouTube videos for two nights before the party.)

_MG_4087.CR2 (Medium)
_MG_4090.CR2 (Medium)
Balloon parrot.
_MG_4092.CR2 (Medium)
Little K and her balloon flower.
IMG_1132 (Medium)
Pink butterfly!

Little J was given some really great presents. The kids have been playing with them non-stop since the party.

_MG_4093.CR2 (Medium)
Present circle.

This may be the last party where the guest list was completely up to us and all parents stayed. We enjoyed the relative ease and chatted with our friends. It was perfect.

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