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Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Shrine Circus

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! The Shrine Circus was in town last weekend and we got to go. The circus is an incredible thing - the big top, the lights and sounds and smells, the clowns and performers and animals. As a kid I remember being dazzled, and it's no different now. I watch in awe, amazed at everything I see. And this year one of my favourite things was watching my kids as they took it all in.

We arrived at the show a little bit before it started to go on a VIP tour with some fellow bloggers. You can read their accounts here: 20ys, Canadian Blog House, A Motherhood Experience. We were introduced to the ring master, some of the circus performers, and the horses and elephants. Among other things, we learned that the circus travels about 7 months of the year and the elephants eat 400kg of hay a day!

IMG_20140808_184120 (Medium)
The charismatic ring master.

IMG_20140808_180839 (Medium)
The elephants.
IMG_20140808_182803 (Medium)
A man with his horse.
IMG_20140808_190656 (Medium)
Getting shot out of a cannon.
IMG_20140808_194541 (Medium)
Concession stand.
We were treated to dinner and settled into our seats, ready for the show. The very first act was a surprise proposal. Thankfully she said yes because it would have been awkward otherwise. After that a bunch of clowns came out and shot balloons into the audience. Little K would have been so happy with a balloon, she was constantly asking for one, but no dice.

IMG_20140808_195208 (Medium)
Happy clowns.

IMG_20140808_195731 (Medium)
Circus performers.
The acrobatics on the horses was pretty incredible. It was two guys taking turns doing flips and jumps on the horses while they ran around the circle. One of them fell off but jumped right back on. A good reminder that they are human and it's a live show. Thankfully he wasn't hurt.

IMG_20140808_195750 (Medium)
Next up were the elephants. Two elephants, each led by a trainer, walked around the circle and then stood on stools. At first it was just one foot but they got all 4 on the stools. Seeing these huge animals and their slow, determined movements, was just incredible. Apparently they are similar in understanding to a 4 year old so the trainers were constantly talking to them, giving them instructions. They reward good behaviours with food treats, which we saw first hand when one of the elephants didn't want to lie down. He eventually did and got a candy apple for his troubles.

IMG_20140808_201712 (Medium)
Beautiful elephants.
Next up was a trapeze pair who dazzled from above, hanging from a big white star. The spun and twirled, and twisted. Little J kept asking if I could do what they were doing. No way, kid!

IMG_20140808_202832 (Medium)
Trapeze artists.
We saw some intricate cycling and unicycling, including a really tall unicycle. The last act before intermission was a big white wheel that a guy went around inside and then outside AND THEN BLINDFOLDED! I was sure he was going to fall off or lose an arm.

IMG_20140808_203714 (Medium)
My happy family.
We actually left at intermission. I wish we could have stayed, but it was already late for the kids and I don't think they would have lasted much longer. We did the same thing last year and it sucks but a small sacrifice in the grand scheme of things. At least they had switched up the order of things so we saw different acts than last year (last year's post is here.) Overall I was impressed with the kids. Last year they were overwhelmed by the entire circus but this year they were enthusiastically clapping and oohing and aahing.

IMG_20140808_194826 (Medium)
VIP seating.
We always talk about our favourite part of events and this year both kids agreed it was seeing the elephants. I loved seeing how excited Little J was. Did you go to the circus? What was your favourite part? And remember, if you're in Montreal you can use the code TRAPEZE for 2 for 1 tickets.

14 - 16 (Medium)
Our VIP tickets.

Disclaimer: I was provided tickets for me and my family, plus the tour and dinner. All opinions are my own.

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