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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Senator Eugene Forsey Park: My Kids' Private Playground ~ Guest Post

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A summer series

I'm so pleased to bring you another guest post in the Park days of summer series. Reese is back talking about another one of her favourite parks.

It is great to go to a park where everybody knows your name because so many kids go to play there all the time. It is also good to be able to go to a park where your child is able to roam free without having to share any of the structures all the time, too. Luckily for me, this park is very close to my home. For me, this park is Senator Eugene Forsey Park.

Close to Dow’s Lake in central Ottawa, Senator Eugene Forsey Park is a park that I like to take my kids to if:
  1. I do not want travel very far (due to work, illness, etc); or
  2. I want them to become more experienced at climbing on play structures without having to think about other a lot of other children trying to do the same thing at the same time.

Since I have lived in my home, I can literally count on one hand the amount of times I have seen this park bustling with children. My kids like coming to this park because they do not have to share very often, and they can explore everything easier.

Here are some of the amenities Senator Eugene Forsey Park has to offer its visitors:
  • A play structure (so children can climb, slide, and play music);
  • A tire swing (for those times that spinning is a must-do activity);
  • A field on each side of the play structure so children can run around; and
  • A basketball court (for those wishing to play a game of pick-up or to hone their skills).

These would be my Pros and Cons about Senator Eugene Forsey Park:
  • it is very shaded, so kids can have fun in the sun without worrying too much about getting burned too quickly.
  • It is not crowed, so children can play with whatever they want whenever they want.
  • It is gated or fenced on all four sides, so it is easier to keep an eye on a child at this park.
  • It is by Bronson Avenue, one of Ottawa’s busiest streets, so getting to this park travelling west (having to cross Bronson Avenue and wait for the light to change) may take a bit longer.
  • The play structure, I think, is meant for younger users (ages 1-5), so older kids may grow tired of playing on it sooner than younger kids.

Overall, I do enjoy taking my kids to Senator Eugene Forsey Park. It is quiet, yet large enough to get my kids a little more tuckered out by the end of the day. It is also close to home, so I can rearrange my day so I can get my kids outside to play more than the once a day. Finally, my kids are able to get the practice that they need at this park so they can climb better at a busier park. If you ever have the chance, you should visit Senator Eugene Forsey Park and see for yourself why it is my kids’ private playground!

Sounds fun! Thanks again to Reese for her post :) Do you have a park you want everyone to know about? Want to guest post on my blog? Send me a message.

Reese is a mom of three kids (12, 3, and 1). She was born in Toronto, ON, but now resides in Ottawa, ON. She attended Carleton University, and received an Honours B. A. in Political Science.
Reese loves reading, sports (both playing and watching), fashion, music, movies and writing.
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