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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Reptiles and birthday cake

Our days have been either jam packed with summer fun or lazy while we recover from all that fun. That's the kind of balance you need to stay sane. Summer months are full of activities and birthdays and you know a birthday party is going to rock your socks off when there are reptiles involved. Little R was a lucky birthday boy and we were lucky to be invited!

Little Ray's Reptiles does shows where they come to your house and bring reptiles with them. The guy who came was really good with the kids and it's always interesting to see who's brave that day. On this day, Little J was pretty brave, but Little K wasn't. When the tarantula came out, I wasn't brave. Not at all!

We saw all sorts of animals like the tarantula, a gecko, a cayman, a toad, a tortoise, and a couple of snakes. Everyone was invited to touch the animals, but the birthday boy always got a turn first, and then the kids, and finally the adults. We were told facts about each and we learned the difference between frogs and toads and turtles and tortoises (hint: it has to do with water!)

After the show, it was typical birthday party fun: pizza and koolaid, cake, and presents. The kids are getting to the age where parents don't have to stay at parties so it was interesting watching a little girl from Little R's class who was dropped off. I guess we'll be doing to with Little J this year. And that reminds me that 5 is SO old!

Little R had a great time and it was nice to see his and LP's new place, a house that seems perfect for them.

IMG_0453 (Medium)
Little J with a gecko.

IMG_0457 (Medium)
Some sort of snake.

IMG_0462 (Medium)
An iguana.

IMG_0466 (Medium)
This tortoise was just a few years old.

IMG_0469 (Medium)
A young cayman.

IMG_0470 (Medium)
Little K being brave.

IMG_0477 (Medium)
The huge albino snake was the last one out.

Happy birthday, Little R!

IMG_0481 (Medium)
A yummy turtle cake for the birthday boy!

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