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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Race the Runway

IMG_0788 (Medium)

It's no secret that J is big into cars. He races year round - autocross and lapping days in the summer and ice racing in the winter. He took us out to Smiths Falls a couple of weekends ago for Race the Runway. It's "Canada's fastest, most extreme, car event" according to their website. Cars were topping out at over 300km/h though I find the lapping at Calabogie more extreme when the cars are on the track at the same time.

We had to pay to park at the Smiths Falls airport and walk to the runway. We set up our chairs to watch the races and almost immediately Little J was screaming. Apparently the red ants weren't happy to have us there. We quickly moved our chairs, but ended up leaving them and going exploring. There were all sorts of fancy cars to look at and some planes on display.

We had packed some sandwiches and lemonade so we ate while the cars zoomed by. There was a mic set up at the end of the 1/2 mile and the kids didn't like the noise. Little J happily wore his ear plugs but Little K wouldn't. She spent most of the afternoon with her hands over her ears.

This was a nice little event and I'm glad we went. Pictures? Pictures!

IMG_0756 (Medium)
Super fast cars.

IMG_0761 (Medium)
This is like the car I grew up with.

IMG_0763 (Medium)
The weather was perfect.

IMG_0769 (Medium)
A black car with teal wheels.. for any of my Sharks girls still reading this blog.

IMG_0771 (Medium)
This car was so shiny.. it crashed later on in the day.

IMG_0774 (Medium)
Lunch time.

IMG_0780 (Medium)
Too loud!
IMG_0789 (Medium)
The view from the launch zone.
You know it was a good time when they fall asleep on the way home.

IMG_0791 (Medium)
Passed out.

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