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Monday, August 18, 2014

Puppet's Up!

I have to admit, I had never been to Puppet's Up!, the international puppet festival in Almonte, and I wasn't convinced I'd enjoy myself. I mean, how fun can puppets possibly be? Well, let me tell you that it was GREAT!

The festival is in its tenth year and runs on a weekend in August in Almonte, which is west of Ottawa. Puppeteers from all over the world come to celebrate. The main street was shut down and the businesses along it displayed puppets in their windows. The parade, which was on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons, went right through downtown, and had a lot of locals, the mayor, and all of the puppets from the shows. We also saw Spiderman, a brass band, a big, 5-person dragon, and belly dancers.

IMG_0580 (Medium)
Waiting for the parade.
IMG_0581 (Medium)
The Puppets Up! mascot.
IMG_0585 (Medium)
There were vendor tents set up, lots of face painting and balloons animals, and a huge craft tent.

IMG_0576 (Medium)
Crafty fun.
IMG_0577 (Medium)
Little K's caterpillar and Little J's puppet.
My kids could have stayed at the craft tent the entire day but we had day passes that allowed us to see the shows. I had checked out the schedule ahead of time and watched the sneak peek videos on the website. Along with some tips from fellow blogger (thanks Joe!) we decided on The Puppet Tamer, Everybody Loves Pirates, and Squirrel Stole My Underpants. The Puppet Tamer was hilarious. He is a skilled ventriloquist who works with puppets in his show. The puppets are silly and not great at listening to instructions. There were jokes for all ages but the show was completely appropriate for kids.

IMG_0611 (Medium)
Pesky parrot.
After that we saw the Everybody Loves Pirates show. It was the story of two kids who go on a treasure hunt but meet up with pirates along the way. It's been a week and the kids still talk about the characters from this show, namely Captain No Eye. Again, there were jokes that went over their heads but they were mesmerized and spent most of the show laughing.

IMG_0623 (Medium)
Pirate puppets.

IMG_0625 (Medium)
See: mesmerized.

IMG_0626 (Medium)
Such big giggles from my little man.
The third show we saw was Squirrel Stole My Underpants. It was my least favourite because it was just so weird, but the kids really liked it. There was no dialogue, just one woman battling with a squirrel over her underwear.

IMG_0631 (Medium)
Squirrels and underpants.
In between shows we explored a little, walking along the main street or along the water. We shared popsicles and food. The festival was really well organized and I like that there were benches in the front for the kids. I was impressed that they had a water truck set up to fill our water bottles and that there were portapotties everywhere. The volunteers were all helpful and nice.

IMG_0604 (Medium)
My babies and I in front of the water.

IMG_0607 (Medium)
Break time!

IMG_0618 (Medium)
View of the main street.

Because of the timing of the last show, we had dinner at a pub on the water before heading home.

IMG_0634 (Medium)
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The kids obviously had a good time and got worn out. Even Little J fell asleep on the way home!

IMG_0637 (Medium)
Two sleeping trucks. (Cars reference.)

We will definitely be going back next year because we had a great time.

Disclaimer: I was provided two day passes to check out the festival. All thoughts and opinions are my own. As always.

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