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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Park Days of Summer: Spratt Park and Mountain Meadows Park

IMG_2003 (Medium)
A summer series
Summer vacation is winding down, if the kids aren't already back to school, but the weather here in Ottawa is BEAUTIFUL! Seriously, it's so nice outside and I wanted to share two more parks with you. These are two of the bigger parks in my neighbourhood. They are both adopted by the community association so have things that other parks don't have, like a skating rink in the winter.

I packed up the kids one afternoon and set off to explore them both. First up was Spratt park.

IMG_0511 (Medium)
Spratt park.
Spratt park is right next to the public elementary school. There is a parking lot and a big soccer field, and the play structure is far away from the main road. There is one big structure and some swings.  The kids call this the spiderweb park and they love climbing from one section of the structure to the other using the spider web.

IMG_0498 (Medium)
The famous spider web.

IMG_0500 (Medium)
Hanging out.
The structure isn't huge but it offers everything a kid needs: various places, to climb, a few slides and some fun bars to hang from.

IMG_0502 (Medium)

IMG_0503 (Medium)
The swings.
I like that there are benches and shady spots so I can sit and watch the kids do their thing.

IMG_0509 (Medium)
Lots of open space and a soccer field.
I've never seen this park busy, which can be a good thing or a bad thing, but maybe we're just not going when everyone else is.

IMG_0510 (Medium)
Watching the kids play from the shade.

Across the street and down a bit is Mountain Meadows Park. This is a big draw for so many because it's a BIG park with lots to do, the best part is the splash pad for the really hot days. There is a parking lot and a soccer field, and it's right beside the French Catholic elementary school.

IMG_0513 (Medium)
Mountain Meadows Park.
When we go we seem to always start off at the smaller play structure but the kids, especially Little J, get bored quickly.

IMG_0514 (Medium)
The small structure.
There are baby swings near the small structure. These are the swings Little J first went on as a baby because it was the closest park to us at the time.

IMG_0515 (Medium)
Yes, my 3.5 and almost-5 year olds fit in baby swings.
The bigger play structure is huge and used to scare me. There are so many ways to climb up which leaves some openings to fall from pretty high up. There are big slides and I was happy to learn that they no longer scared Little K.

IMG_0522 (Medium)
The big structure.
There are big swings nearby and all around is grassy areas with some shade. The kids are big enough now that I can sit on a bench and chat with an adult while the kids play.

IMG_0526 (Medium)
The big structure.
Not far away is the splash pad. This place is pretty packed normally and we used to avoid it (my kids don't like to get water in their faces) but this year they played. Again, I like the benches and the trees surrounding the splash pad. Some families/daycares set up camp in the mornings and stay all day!

IMG_0529 (Medium)
Little K snacking while Little J plays.
I love how this park has everything, but when my kids were younger it was too big. The kids wanted to do different things and there was no way I could watch both of them at the same time. Now that they're older it's better. And now that they'll play in the water at the splash pad, I can see us at this park way more often!

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