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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Park Days of Summer: Brewer Park

IMG_2003 (Medium)
A summer series
I had heard people raving about Brewer Park so when I had the opportunity to take the kids there I jumped! It was a Wednesday evening and J was playing baseball there. I fed the kids dinner and then packed them up. Little K, who is outgrowing her naps, fell asleep on the way, but woke up easily when we parked.

We went to say hi to J before running across the wide open fields towards the park. Brewer Park is a huge area with ball diamonds, a pool, an arena, a track, soccer fields, and an amazing park.

IMG_0292 (Medium)
The race to the park.
The closest area had a big structure, swings, a flat tire sing, and those track thingies.

IMG_0293 (Medium)
Little K checking out the slide.

IMG_0295 (Medium)
The setting sun at the park.
We climbed some rocks and came across a two-level splash pad with a tube slide conntecting the top and bottom. It was like looking out over heaven and the kids couldn't contain their glee.

IMG_0297 (Medium)
Two level splash pad.
The main area of the park had multiple structures with slides and different climbers. One area had black mats, parts were woodchips, and places were sand.

IMG_0299 (Medium)
Incredible Brewer Pärk.

IMG_0301 (Medium)
One of the smaller structures.
The firetruck and music area were off to the side and quite alluring to my two kids at 3 and 4.

IMG_0302 (Medium)
Why climb the stairs when you can climb the outsideÉ

IMG_0303 (Medium)
Little K making music.
I was so happy when I saw that there were bathrooms after Little K yelled that she had to pee. As a newly potty trained little one, when you have to go you have to go. The bathrooms were clean and bright, but out of soap. I was just happy she was able to do her thing.

IMG_0304 (Medium)
Bathrooms and bulletin board.
From the looks of it, Brewer Park is a community gathering spot. With lots of things to do and space to do it in, I could see it being a spot where families gathered.

IMG_0305 (Medium)
Lots of slides to choose from.

IMG_0308 (Medium)
Little K on the flat tire swing.
There was no shortage of things to do at Brewer park and I'm sure we'll be back before the summer is over, but next time we'll bring some snacks and spend a lot more time exploring. What an impressive park! Have you beenÉ

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