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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Cottage weekend with friends

It's the long weekend, arguably, the last weekend of summer, and we have no plans. No cottaging, no big parties, no road trips. This time last year we were in Toronto for my brother's wedding and all I can remember is the stress. Next week Little J starts school full time and Little K starts preschool. I'm happy to have this weekend at home with nothing much to do.

But! We did get up to the cottage a few weekends ago with our friends and even though the weather was cool, we had a great time! I'm so glad we get to share the cottage with our friends and that our kids are making memories with their friends. At least that's what we were reminding ourselves when it took 3 hours for the kids to fall asleep the first night.

Because it was cool there wasn't much swimming or time at the beach. There was a lot of reading and playing games. It was Baby E's birthday and thankfully the toys she got were a huge hit and the kids enjoyed playing inside and with her new tee outside.

We enjoyed big dinners together and a camp fire with smores. We went into town on the Saturday morning and walked around in the rain. We caught frogs and collected a dead crayfish - the biggest one I've ever seen.

And on Sunday morning, when the sun was finally shining, we squeezed in some time at the beach and a boat ride before heading back to town.

It was a bit of a gong show at times (mostly bedtime, but also during the night) but so much fun to be at the cottage with our friends. Hopefully the weekend we pick next year has better weather and hopefully Little R can join us.

And now some pictures!

IMG_0698 (Medium)
Baby E and Little K.

_MG_4063.CR2 (Medium)
Happy birthday, Baby E! (She's 2.. I guess it's Little E now.)

_MG_4066.CR2 (Medium)
Checking out the new toys.

IMG_0704 (Medium)

GOPR1434 (Medium)
Baseball out back.

GOPR1446 (Medium)
Big kids table and little kids table.

IMG_20140817_102852 (Medium)
The girls.

IMG_20140817_102911 (Medium)
Beach time!

IMG_0715 (Medium)
Cold boat ride.

IMG_0717 (Medium)
Little friends.

IMG_0719 (Medium)
Big crayfish.

IMG_0723 (Medium)
Gathering around a collection of frogs.

IMG_0725 (Medium)
A sand pyramid and a huge hole.

IMG_20140817_120808 (Medium)
My boys playing at the beach.

IMG_0730 (Medium)
Cottage kids making memories.

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