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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Cottage Life

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This week gets booked months in advance. About 25 members of J's family gather together for a week in the summer. It's fun and chaotic and crazy. And this year the weather didn't exactly cooperate and it was a chilly week at the cottage.

J got the day off Friday so we headed up earlier than we usually would. It was nice to beat the traffic and get to the cottage before dinner. Except we hadn't brought any dinner type foods. Thankfully J's parents, sister and sister's boyfriend weren't far behind. They came in and saved the day!

The first weekend was a rush of family arriving and game playing. This year was the third time Olympic type games were organized. Four teams compete for the trophy in games involving hula hoops, beach balls, and water balloons. This year was extra fun because the kids were old enough to participate. Little J especially loved playing and is really competitive. He was a sad boy when he didn't win the trophy, but it was a chance to teach him that it's important to have fun too. Besides, he was killing it at air hockey!

The weather wasn't exactly summery, going down as low at 8 Celsius at night, and never hitting the upper 20s during the day. There was hardly any swimming or even sun tanning because it was so cold. Sleeping at night was great and running was quite enjoyable. I managed to sneak in two runs and was proud of myself for that. We spent a lot of time wearing jeans and hoodies, and went into town to shop. The kids used the swing out back a lot, we bought a bula ball game, and we all spent more time than normal inside reading, making bracelets, and playing Pokemon (J and the kids). Thankfully the yellow cottage that the rest of the family rented had a trampoline, swings, and an air hockey table because that's where Little J spent most of his time.

The low temperatures didn't stop us from going out on the boat, playing at the beach, going for walks, and J even took out his windsurfer. J and I got to take the canoe into a little swampy river area to look for turtles, something we used to do every time we were there. We didn't see any, but J went with the kids later and saw some. There was a lot of wildlife at the cottage this year. Always ducks and other birds, squirrels and chipmunks, a hawk/falcon, and loons. The kids caught a cricket and a couple of frogs, and Little J got close and personal with a leach. Plus there were 4 dogs and a cat to entertain us. The kids got a kick out of walking Hurley.

We had some rough patches with Little K. It was on the days that she napped, she end up losing it at some point. I guess that's what happens when you're 3.

Our last day was beautiful and we spent the whole day soaking it in before headig back to town and to real life. Thankfully our real life was a long weekend so we had a chance to catch up on everything. Now for the pictures.. lots of pictures.

IMG_0336 (Medium)
A bonfire to keep us warm.

IMG_0339 (Medium)
Morning chats with Aunt SJ and JW.

IMG_0340 (Medium)
Little Sandy spent most of the time in our bed under the covers.

IMG_0343 (Medium)
Taking turns on the swing out back.

IMG_0347 (Medium)
Brave Little J checking out his leach.

IMG_0349 (Medium)
Typical scene: hoping for warm and sunshine, but under a towel for warmth.

IMG_0351 (Medium)
Some paddle boarding on the windsurfer.

IMG_0353 (Medium)
Pulling down a tree branch. This almost ended badly when the branch knocked out the ladder J was standing on. Thankfully the shed was right there.

_MG_3887.CR2 (Medium)
The cottage olympics.

_MG_3916.CR2 (Medium)
The whole fam.

GOPR0961 (Medium)
The view from above.

IMG_0371 (Medium)
The kids with Steve, the large, metal bird.

_MG_3939.CR2 (Medium)
Weird weather but beautiful skies.

IMG_0372 (Medium)
Playing with the mirrors at one of the shops.

IMG_0375 (Medium)
Bula ball.

IMG_0380 (Medium)
The boys being brave in the frigid waters.

IMG_0384 (Medium)
Little K and her crazy trampoline hair.

_MG_3988.CR2 (Medium)
Almost every evening looked like this.

_MG_4009.CR2 (Medium)
Little J taking on his great-grandmother at air hockey.

_MG_4024.CR2 (Medium)
After dinner walks with the entire crew.

_MG_4045.CR2 (Medium)
The kids walking Hurley.

IMG_0391 (Medium)
Hula hooping.

IMG_0396 (Medium)
Playing at the beach.

IMG_0397 (Medium)
Crazy sky.

IMG_0402 (Medium)
Books before bed with Aunt SJ.

IMG_0404 (Medium)
Finally a beautiful day.

GOPR1398 (Medium)

IMG_0411 (Medium)
Silly faces on the trampoline with my girl.

IMG_0415 (Medium)
Jump-a jump-a!

IMG_0426 (Medium)
Canoe ride with just me and J looking for turtles.

IMG_0430 (Medium)
J and his friends.

IMG_0431 (Medium)
The poor frog eventually played dead to get away from the kids.

IMG_0439 (Medium)
Little K having a fit.

IMG_0441 (Medium)
Books before bed with Sandy.

IMG_0451 (Medium)
J taking the kids out on the windsurfer.

GOPR1416 (Medium)
Little J and Little K on the windsurfer.

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