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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

City of Ottawa Weston Park Celebration!

Do you know that the City of Ottawa has 56 wading pools? I had no idea! I grew up with an outdoor pool just down the street and had never been to a wading pool... until last week. This summer, each wading pool is hosting a party with crafts and activities, but 6 of them get super parties. After the city shared a link on Twitter to more information about the big celebrations, I decided to take the kids to check it out.

We arrived at Weston Park around 11 and started exploring. There were two play structures, swings, and the wading pool. Also set up was a craft area, a Tim Horton's tent with coffee and timbits, and balloons decorated the wading pool. I let the kids do it all - play, do a craft, and get in the water.

IMG_0532 (Medium)
An older, wooden structure.
IMG_0533 (Medium)
Little J had no trouble climbing to the top.
IMG_0534 (Medium)
The metal slide was HOT!

But that wasn't all. There was a free pizza lunch, bubbles, balloon animals, face painting, and a one-woman circus show! It was an incredible day.

The craft tent was staffed with city staff from Community Arts and Social Engagement. These two ladies helped so many kids make party hats. Little K wore hers all day. Little J didn't want to make one at first because he was so excited about the pool, but we went back and he made one too.

IMG_0535 (Medium)
Craft tent.

IMG_0561 (Medium)
The kids with their party hats.
The wading pool is a rectangular, shallow pool with a really shallow area fenced off. The water was freezing but the kids didn't seem to care. I spoke with a lifeguard and found out that the wading pools are emptied every night and filled again in the morning. I was wondering how they handled that.

IMG_0537 (Medium)
Hardly any splashing in the super shallow end.
The Tim Hortons tent supplied the coffee for the parents and the timbits were popular with the kids. I saw a woman from Rogers TV going around interviewing families throughout the day too.

IMG_0538 (Medium)
Caffeine and sugar.
The kids tried the sports game and had fun throwing the different balls (football, soccer and basketball) to the targets. I think they would have preferred a bouncy castle though!

IMG_0540 (Medium)
Sports game.
There were a number of day camps at the parks so there were kids everywhere and line ups for everything. The swings were right near the lineups so I'd stand in line and the kids would run to the swings. You know what makes for sad kids? When they don't know yet how to pump their legs and mom can't leave the line to push them.

IMG_0542 (Medium)
Even a party hat couldn't help her swing.
IMG_0543 (Medium)
Sad boy.
The sad faces might have been partially due to empty stomachs. Thankfully there was food! Free pizza lunch really hit the spot.

IMG_0544 (Medium)
Pizza in the shade.
Not long after lunch we were all herded over to a shady spot where the show was about to start. It was a one-woman circus show. She was incredible - hula hopping like a machine, juggling, and doing all sorts of tricks. She was good with the audience too and got the kids really excited. I learned that my kids get scared when knives get brought out, but they loved clapping along and bopping to the music. I was just amazed at everything I saw.

IMG_0547 (Medium)
Fun selfie.
IMG_0555 (Medium)
Two hula hoops at a time.
IMG_0558 (Medium)
Hula hooping with her foot while standing on her head.

After the show we tackled two lines - the kids waited for balloon animals together while I waited for face painting. Little J asked for a bunny and Little K asked for an orange cat. Then Little J wanted Batman face paint and Little K chose an orange cat.

They were both SO happy... until Little J's balloon popped. He insisted we get him another so we waited in line again and he got a yellow cat. This was after almost 5 hours in the sun and we were all getting tired.. well, Little K lost it, but her brother saved the day by offering to trade balloons with her. Crisis averted. I quickly got us packed up and in the car.

IMG_0574 (Medium)
Face paint and balloon animals.
The entire day was so fun. The city did a great job - all the crafts and activities, the staff, the food, the circus show! Like I said, it's a summer long celebration, but the last one is this Thursday. Check out this link for more details: We had so much fun.. definitely go check it out if you can!

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