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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What 6am looks like ~ Wordless Wednesday

I went for a run the other night. The kids were in bed and I had already been out for an interview and to Costco and J didn't have any plans. I ran down the main street in my neighbourhood, a 4K out-and-back route I've taken many times before. I've recently started running with just my water bottle. No music, no phone. Just me, the pavement, and hydration. It gives me lots of time to think.

I recently found the blog of a runner. She's a university student in Alberta. Something she wrote hit me hard. She said that it was her parents that showed her how to lead an active life. Her mom who either walked or ran every day, was her inspiration.

I always thought about being an inspiration for my kids. By showing them how to be active. But more often than not they see me cooking food or doing dishes or the laundry, or I'm making them be nice to each other and brush their teeth. I take them to watch J race the car or play baseball. I take them to run races of their own, but what do they really see me doing?

Up until recently my only time for exercise was after they went to bed. Now that they're getting older and needing me less, I can go other times, but I'm still their main caretaker during the day. I can't go to the gym at lunch without spending big bucks on childcare for them. I can't go for a run after work until J gets home.

But what I can do it make exercise part of my every day life. Really make it something I do every single day. And by doing so they will see me exercising more often and hopefully it will become habit for me. And while I ran, getting all sticky even though it wasn't that hot, I realized that the only time I can be sure to have to myself every single day is early morning. Stupid o'clock early.

So I got home from my run and watched some tv while I stretched in the cool basement and I set the alarm on my phone for 6:01am. That gives me just under 45 minutes until J leaves for work. 45 minutes to sweat. Having just run I knew that I had to do something else so I got my bike out of the shed and put it in the garage. I set out some workout clothes and I went to bed too late considering the time my alarm was set for.

I dreamed about waking up and exercising. I dreamed my bike tires were flat. I dreamed about the early morning glow.

And then I did it. I jumped out of bed after waking a million times to check the time. I ate half a banana, laced up my shoes, and put on my helmet. I hopped on my bike in the morning fog, bright but not yet sunny, comfortable but cool, and I pedalled 4K in the silence. And it was awesome.

I was definitely tired today, but I felt good. Tomorrow morning I'm either running or doing some yoga. I haven't decided yet, but I hope to keep this going even if I need to nap during the day until I can figure out how to get to bed before midnight.

IMG_1997 (Medium)

When do you exercise? Who inspires you?

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