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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Weekend recap

After starting the summer with a bang - and by bang I mean last-minute trip to the cottage and then a week with J home most days - we were looking at a pretty empty weekend. So we filled it with time playing outside, cleaning, seeing our friends and family. It was perfect.

I got some new (free) hostas planted and a birdfeeder hung in one of the trees in our backyard. How long does it take birds to find a new feeder?

IMG_1953 (Medium)
Where are the birds at?

Our friends came over in the afternoon and we had a blast playing and chatting outside. The kids, all 4 born within 3 years of each other, played so well together.

IMG_1972 (Medium)
Running and jumping into the pool.

IMG_1975 (Medium)
Eating dinner at the kids' table in bathing suits on the deck.

And who doesn't love after dinner popsicles in the summer?

IMG_1979 (Medium)
Little K, Little J, Little J, and Little E.

The best part of the day was getting all 4 kids to sleep (the little girls in their own rooms and the Little Js together) and busting out Cards Against Humanity and laughing so hard together. It isn't often we're able to stay "out" late with friends but everythign worked out perfectly.

Sunday morning my parents came over and brought Maxy, their border collie cocker spaniel mix. Sandy the cat was intrigued and they sniffed at each other through the screen door.

IMG_1985 (Medium)
Max and Sandy checking each other out.

After all the water play Saturday, the kids were happy to play ball Sunday afternoon. I was happy that J's back was feeling better so I got to read while he played with the kids.

IMG_1991 (Medium)
T-ball on a homemade tee.

It was the kind of weekend that has it all, but doesn't wear you out completely. Perfect.

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