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Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer bucket list

This has been so typically a Monday morning I can't even tell you. What is it about Mondays that makes kids crazy anyway? Instead of focusing on the craziness, I'm thinking about what we can do this summer.

I have a grand vision. A summer filled with weekends at the cottage, time at the park and with friends, barbecues and dinners out.. basically all sorts of fun things. We've already done so much and school just ended. I like making lists so this bucket list is specific things I'd like to do with the kids in town before school starts again.

- The museums (Museum of Science and TechnologyAviation and Space MuseumMuseum of AgricultureMuseum of Nature) - these will be spread out and reserved for rainy days
- Valleyview Animal Farm
- Little Ray's Reptile Zoo - I have 2 for 1 passes if anyone wants to join us!
Puppet's Up! in Almonte
Capital Fair
- Autocross (Motorsports Club of Ottawa) and motocross (
- Family 1K at South Ottawa Race Day
- Calypso Water Park
- The beach (Mooney's Bay or Britannia - full list here)
- Swim at an outdoor pool (full list here)

And we plan to visit the library weekly as well as spend lots of time playing in the backyard and at our neighbourhood parks.

Our "hope it happens stretch goal" is the Toronto Zoo.

What's on your list?

Here's a most general post about summer things to do over at Ottawa Mommy Club.

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  1. They! Thanks for the reply on Twitter. I love your list. Did you go to the motocross event? We did (with baby). It was really cool. Tickets were really expensive though. :s

    I'm working on my own list, I might add some of your suggestions to it: