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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rainy day outing to the plane museum ~ summer bucket list

After a full day at the water park, it's all I can do to hit publish before going to bed. If my kids would ever fall asleep that is.

When I made our summer bucket list I knew that some of our activities would be for rainy days. It's hard to jusitfy spending money to be inside on a really nice day when we could be hanging out in the backyard with the pool and slip-n-slide. Sunday was pretty grey and I knew the kids wouldn't be getting outside to use up any energy so I packed them up and headed to the plane museum.

We used to have a membership to 3 Ottawa museums, but the Aviation and Space Museum was the one we went to least often. Mostly because it's the farthest from our house, but also because the farm has animals and an awesome park, and the train museum has trains. Trains! We don't have our membership anymore but I had a family pass to use.

The plane museum on a weekend is different from during the week during the school year. It wasn't super busy, no bus loads of kids on field trips, and there was pilot training for the kids. They had to do an obstacle course and then fly their planes through the clouds. Basically they had fun zipping around on the toy planes while I made sure they didn't run over any littler kids.

IMG_0015 (Medium)
Obstacle course.
IMG_0019 (Medium)
Flying through the clouds.
Every time we go to the museum we see something new. This time it was exploring the upstairs and seeing the plane that hangs from the ceiling in the front. We spent a while exploring the toys in the gift shop but thankfully came home with none.

IMG_0031 (Medium)
The view from above.

IMG_0033 (Medium)
Upside down plane.

As far as rainy days go, that one was pretty good. And we got to cross something off our bucket list. Here are some more pictures from our visit:

IMG_0034 (Medium)
Little pilots.
IMG_0024 (Medium)
The astronaut.
IMG_0027 (Medium)
Learning about the astronaut Little J's school was named after.

IMG_0029 (Medium)
Making music.

IMG_0004 (Medium)
A boat?
IMG_0005 (Medium)
Look at the plane and then run!

IMG_0013 (Medium)
Little J learned about planes...

IMG_0014 (Medium)
... while Little K learned about clouds.

IMG_0011 (Medium)
Water planes.

IMG_0006 (Medium)
Me and my baby girl.

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