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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Leaning In ~ Book 26/50 for 2014

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Reading while the kids play is totally leaning in.

Sheryl Sandberg is an impressive woman. She's currently working at Facebook but has been at Google too. In her book she talks about why we need more women in leadership roles and how this will benefit everybody. She makes point after point about feminism and how women are not only in a battle with men but in battle with themselves and their subconscious. We hold ourselves back. We, women and men, treat women differently, and that has to change.

She talks about how women in past generations fought hard for us to have choices, and now many women choose to stay home with their children, but many more choose to work. This book made me really question why I stay home... did I do it for myself or for my kids? Was I subconsciously scared of leaning into my career?

I might have been, though I've used my time off to build a business doing something that I feel called to. I get to support women during a life changing event. I don't know what Sheryl thinks of the doula profession because she talks almost exclusively about corporate jobs, but I know I feel good about the direction things have gone and the choices I've made, even if I may not completely understand my motivations. Lean In was a good read.

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