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Thursday, July 3, 2014

First cottage weekend of the year!

IMG_1875 (Medium)
Little K's peace.

Before I write up a post about our Canada Day, I need to share our first cottage weekend of the summer. We went up last Friday, kinda last minute because I was unexpectedly off-call.We made a quick stop at the racetrack to see J who had just finished lapping, and then drove West.

IMG_1863 (Medium)
On top of a huge rock at the track.

Our first night at the cottage was really just setlling in and making sure we had everything to sleep through the night. It was the first time up there since Little K stopped nursing so bed time was completely different for the two of us.

At the cottage the kids are in the same room so getting them to sleep can take a while, but they eventually do fall asleep. J and I spent the rest of the night chatting and reading.

IMG_1867 (Medium)
If you give two kids fishing rods...

The whole weekend can basically be summed up with a few words. Fishing. Swimming. Beach. Eating. Reading. The weather was perfect and the water not too chilly.

IMG_1868 (Medium)
You can read your book while they fish.

The kids spent most of the weekend either fishing (they have their own rods for kids without hooks so fishing is just casting off and reeling in) or in the water.

IMG_1870 (Medium)
J lifeguarding.

IMG_1871 (Medium)
Car naps.

IMG_1878 (Medium)
More fishing.

IMG_1879 (Medium)
The view from the dock.

The water was warm enough for me to get in, espcially near the dock where it isn't very deep. I'm on my knees in the pictures below. Check out the difference in how the kids jump in. Little J is very upright while Little K has a perfectly flat body, her complete trust that I will catch her.

IMG_1886 (Medium)
Little J jumping in.

IMG_1887 (Medium)
Little K jumping in.

IMG_1895 (Medium)
More fishing - I told you!

All that time outside was tiring. Books with Papa before bed.

IMG_1896 (Medium)
Books with Papa.

J's parents came up one of the days and the boat went in the water. We went out for a boat ride before packing up and heading home. It was one of the best weekends at the cottage - it gets easier every year as the kids get older. I can't wait to go back!

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