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Friday, July 4, 2014

Canada Day 2014

Happy July 4th to all the Americans reading this! We celebrated Canada Day on Tuesday as you do with kids: at a park with lots of bouncy castles. J hurt his back so I packed up the kids and headed to a big park at the other end of our neighbourhood. I bought bracelets for the kids and asked them where they wanted to start. They both said the big slide looked good.

IMG_1911 (Medium)
Little J was up first.
There were a lot of "rides" - bouncy castles, slides like this, a huge maze, races on big inflatable things - and the kids tried a bunch of them. It was strange being there without J and the dynamic of the day was different. If we wanted to do something, all three of us had to stand in line. No splitting up when the kids wanted to try different things, no one of us standing in a long line while the other entertained the kids. So there was a lot of standing in line.

IMG_1912 (Medium)
Little K was up next.
One of the longest lines was for the face painting that both kids decided they wanted to do. Thankfully there was a booth nearby handing out balloons and the Junkyard Symphony doing a show at the stage just to the right.

IMG_1914 (Medium)
The crowd.
After about 45 minutes of standing in the hot sun, it was our turn. Little J ran up, sat down, and said he wanted to be Spiderman. I think she did a great job.

IMG_1920 (Medium)
Eyes closed on purpose to show off the white eyes.
Little K got flowers but cried and wiped it all off about ten minutes later before she'd eat lunch.

IMG_1921 (Medium)
Flowers and sparkles.
We tried almost all the rides and did all the things. This polar bear one was a favourite that I had to drag them away from.

IMG_1929 (Medium)
The fave.
It had a slide at the end.

IMG_1931 (Medium)

Last was a tractor ride. Little K was miffed she didn't get the yellow one but still had a huge smile on her face at the end.

IMG_1932 (Medium)
Tractor ride.

IMG_1935 (Medium)
Aren't they cute?!
We got home and told J all about our fun and showed him the balloon animals. Little J got a blue dog and Little K got a pink pig. Knowing how much the kids like balloon animals I'm seriously considering learning how to make some.

IMG_1938 (Medium)
Little K with her pig balloon.

Because it was just me with the kids, I didn't get a good picture of the two of them or of the three of us. We were all decked out in our red, white and pink (since when is pink an acceptable Canada Day colour??) so just picture our smiling faces together.

After the kids were in bed I learned that some neighbours were putting on a firework show at one of the parks. I decided I'd go but it started pouring before I went. I went to bed instead. It definitely wasn't the gong show of going downtown Ottawa for Canada Day, or spending it at the cottage, but it was a nice little day.


  1. That looks like an amazing day with the kids for Canada Day! What park was it? I took mine downtown in the afternoon and then we went to a friends for swimming and bbq dinner - but they would have had a blast on slides like that! - Louise

    1. It's a park in my neighbourhood. One of these years I'll be brave enough to take the fam downtown!