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Friday, July 25, 2014


Calypso is a waterpark East of Ottawa that I'd never been to. In fact, I haven't been to a waterpark ever, unless you count being soaked on the bridge at Wonderland. So themed waterparks are new to me and I wasn't sure what to expect even after pouring through the website the night before.

The drive to Limoges wasn't bad, especially on a Wednesday morning. There was construction at the main gate but the detour was well-signed. Parking was $7 or 8 and by the time we left the lot was pretty full. My first impression of Calypso was that it was huge!

IMG_0065 (Medium)
The entrance to the park.
We got into the park and while J was getting life jackets for the kids, which are free to rent for the day, I measured the kids. Little J was tall enough for some rides, but Little K was not.

IMG_0066 (Medium)
A little short.
IMG_0067 (Medium)
A little too short.
Calypso has something for everyone, including those too short for the big rides, so that's where we headed first. Zoo Lagoon was perfect for my little family. It was a gentle walk-in pool with small slides and not a lot of splashing or spraying.

IMG_0070 (Medium)
Off to explore Zoo Lagoon.

IMG_0075 (Medium)
Little J on the snake slide.

IMG_0072 (Medium)
Little K on the butterfly slide.
Right next to Zoo Lagoon was the Pirate's Aquaplay which was similar in that it had a sloped entry and a play structure, but it was quite a bit bigger and a huge bucket filled over and over and splashed everyone below. We only walked past it on our way to the only ride Little J was able to go on.

IMG_0076 (Medium)
The boys tried all three of these slides.

IMG_0077 (Medium)
The end of the ride.
After about an hour of exploring we headed to one of the cafeteria-style restaurants for lunch. My family ate while I went on a behind-the-scenes tour with fellow blogger Sherrie (of Good Karma Baby! and PR Mom Ottawa). This is the gift bag I was given - a towel, mug and keychain in a handy tote bag.

IMG_0326 (Medium)
All available at the gift shop.
Our tour started at the Kongo Expedition. This is the main attraction, comparable to Disney according to our guide. Everyone gets their own floaty (that's the technical term) but kids can go with their parents. There are twists and turns, water spraying and elephants and crocodiles on the side. Half of the ride is outside, while the other half is in a cave.

IMG_0082 (Medium)
At the beginning of Kongo Expedition.

IMG_0087 (Medium)
A relaxing trip down a river.
One of the coolest parts about the tour was getting to see how everything worked. People pull on these ropes and sometimes get water dumped on them and sometimes not. Why? Because some of the ropes are just knotted and some are rigged up to the water system.

IMG_0092 (Medium)
Inside the cave.
IMG_0091 (Medium)
In the rafters of the cave is the rope-water system.
You can't do this ride and not get soaked. Just look at this part, right near the end of the river, where water pours into a huge metal bowl and sprays everyone nearby.

IMG_0098 (Medium)
Water feature.
Next we were shown the VIP zone. For $100 a day you can rent your own cabana. It would be perfect for a family or group of friends.

IMG_0106 (Medium)
VIP Zone.
IMG_0107 (Medium)
Your view from the cabanas.
We were told all about the safety and the lifeguard system and how (and how often) the water is checked.

IMG_0101 (Medium)
One of the bigger rides.
Then we were taken to the building behind the wave pool and shown how the waves are made. They can do different patterns of waves and everything is controlled by a computer system. It was all very impressive and very loud. Filtration tanks and systems were up next and then I found J and the kids. While I was gone, J finished lunch with the kids and took them to the smaller lazy river.

IMG_0105 (Medium)
It's like Where's Waldo for my family! Can you spot them?
We spent another couple of hours at the park and J got to do two slides by himself. One of them was the super tall white one in the picture below.

IMG_0102 (Medium)
You had to be 5' tall for these slides.

I know I didn't get into the details of the slides and the water systems, but I can try to answer any questions you have. I was impressed by all of the safety measures in place, including what to do during lightning storms and the number of staff on site.

We need to go back again, either with more people so we can both go on the bigger slides, or without the kids! Everything I saw and learned at Calypso leads me to believe that it's a safe and fun theme park. I will definitely be bringing my kids back, maybe not until next year when Little K will be tall enough - fingers crossed!

Disclaimer: Calypso invited me and my family to the park and gave me a behind-the-scenes tour. The opinions are, as always, all my own.

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