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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A day at the track

IMG_1801 (Medium)

Life is good when one morning you just up and decide to go away for the day. One weekend morning we packed up the kids and headed to the race track.

IMG_1789 (Medium)
Tallest play structure ever.
But first a stop at the beach. Burnstown Beach is close to the track at Calabogie and has the biggest play structure ever. The kids really like being up high and going down the hoopy-loopy slide (that's a technical term by the way).

IMG_1791 (Medium)
Falling out.
And there are these ridiculously robust baby swings. I've never seen anything like it.

IMG_1796 (Medium)
Baby swing? Toddler swing?
We had a picnic lunch and never actually went in the water. Soon we were back in the car and heading to the track.

IMG_1797 (Medium)
Sandwiches for the win!
There was a big event on at Calabogie Motorsports, where J does his lapping, so we had to park in the back quarry and climb a huge hill. We made the kids carry their own chairs.

IMG_1798 (Medium)
Up up up!
IMG_1800 (Medium)
Quick snack.
We set up camp at a spot overlooking a big chunk of track. I was amazed at how loud the cars were! The kids weren't happy with the noise, but loved watching the cars and picked out their favourites pretty quickly. After a while we walked over to the main part and were able to take a look at the cars. Little J's favourite was this blue and yellow one he called Thunderbolt. He asked me to take his picture.

IMG_1805 (Medium)
The kids in front of Thunderbolt.

IMG_1817 (Medium)
Zoom zoom!
We walked all around and eventually stopped for a bit on a deck overlooking the front straight (J is cringing right now because that's not the correct term). We had to physically cover the kids' ears when the cars went by because it was so loud.

IMG_1820 (Medium)
The fam.
The event continued on all weekend but we were happy to have seen a part of it To experience cars racing around the track, to hear the engines roar and feel the wind rush by, it's pretty cool. It was a great little Saturday.


  1. Ahhh! That playground must be new! My Oma lives in Springtown and we used to go to that beach all the time. I'll have to stop and take a look next time we drive past.
    We have these noise blocker headphones from Amazon - more for music, for us, but maybe they would help at the track if it's usually so loud?
    Great day, love the photos!

    1. We normally use ear plugs but forgot them that day.

      You definitely should check out the park!

  2. looks like a fun day! As for the swings, they may be for special needs children. A park we sometimes visit near our friends has similar ones, and they are geared for older kids that have disabilities and aren't able to swing on their own