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Friday, June 20, 2014

Wee Ones and Big Strides

IMG_1761 (Medium)

On Father's Day the kids had their second race of the year. It was the Wee Ones and Big Strides 1K, the same one they did last year. The one they call The Cookie Medal Race.

IMG_1715 (Medium)
Excited pre-race.
Like I just wrote about over at Kids in the Capital, I want my kids to do lots of races. I want them to be active and races are good motivators. This was their second race of the year and second time doing The Cookie Medal Race. And they rocked it. They were enthusiastic and did the warm up exercises. Little J ran the entire kilometer with his dad and Little K wasn't the LAST one to finish. (She was the third last.)

IMG_1719 (Medium)
Before they devoured the cookie medals.
After the race they were all smiles and ready to take on the kids fun zone, an area set up with a bouncy castle and toys and face painting.

IMG_1720 (Medium)
Kids fun zone.
J and I were ready to talk to all the people we knew there. We had lots of friends from the neighbourhood, more than a couple people from our prenatal classes from when I was pregnant with Little J 5 years ago, and Delta from Just Play Toy Rental and Michelle from Michelle's Barefoot Books. The weather was perfect so it was nice being out and enjoying the sunshine and the toys.

Little K decided she wanted her face painted so then Little J did too. Little K picked a bunny, which turned out really well.

IMG_1723 (Medium)
My little bunny.
Little J is a tad obsessed with Angry Birds so he got the black bird.

IMG_1724 (Medium)
Bad birds is what they used to call it.
I'm proud of the kids for doing the race and doing so well, and I'm happy we got a nice morning out. Nice little Father's Day morning.

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  1. Ah! I totally want to start doing this with my girls when they are just a wee bit older (I think with my eldest next year - she'll be 5) - it looks like a great race! - Louise