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Monday, June 2, 2014

Parenting Achievement Unlocked: Solo kid birthday party

There are things that all parents do, things that they maybe didn't think they'd ever do or things that all of a sudden matter and matter a lot. Like letting your sick baby sleep on you even though your arm has lost all feeling but not daring to move a muscle. Like letting your kid watch episode after episode of Super Why so they'll leave you alone for a minute.

I remember the strange feeling of putting Little J on the school bus for the first time and how surprised I was because I thought I was completely ready for him to go to school. These feelings surprise you and scare you and delight you. Believe me, as a parent you will be feeling all the feelings.

Along with these milestones there are parenting achievements to unlock: first time taking baby out for a walk, first time getting puked on, baby's first fever, first day of school, first tooth... You get the idea. These are badges of honour that parents wear with pride. Well, we got to add one to our list last weekend when Little J went to a birthday party by himself.

The party was for one of his classmates and was held at an indoor playplace called Midway. Little K wasn't invited (you pay per kid so I really don't mind). We dropped Little J off at the party room where he got a name tag and his lunch order taken and then we took Little K downstairs. We stayed for a bit but then left for lunch. We knew Little J was okay - we had spotted him on the bumper cars playing with his friends, giggling up a storm.

IMG_1505 (Medium)
The school bus ride.

IMG_1501 (Medium)
Bumper cars!

The three of us had pizza lunch at a restaurant and tried to not talk about Little J the entire time. He was off playing with his friends and it felt strange. Little K missed her brother, like she does every day when he goes to school. And I think she was a little sad that she didn't get to stay at the party. We made it up to her by going back a little early and playing with her. Her and J won enough tickets to get her some pretty fun prizes.

IMG_1498 (Medium)

IMG_1494 (Medium)

What parenting achievement have you unlocked recently?

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