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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Little A's birthday party

Like I said, I was away all weekend. My first time away from Little K and my first weekend off on my own in so long that I can't remember the last time. I had a great time but it was exhausting. I drove home a bit after lunch on Sunday with the windows down and the wind whipping my hair around. I thought about the whole experience, the things I can do for my business and for myself, the things I experienced that I never thought I would, and what was waiting for me at home.

Nothing was waiting for me at home.

My family was next door and the cat was asleep. It was very anti-climatic to come home to an empty house but it did give me a chance to unpack the car and pee before heading next door. I went out the back and through the gate between our yards (we really like our neighbours). J spotted me before the kids did, but when they did, they both ran over. The reunion was pretty sweet. They both hugged me and asked about the necklace I was wearing and how my weekend was. They both called me Dad before running away to join back in on the party fun.

IMG_1674 (Medium)
Slip-n-slides make parties amazing.
There was cake and a slip-n-slide and earlier princess Anna from Frozen dazzled the kids. It was everything a little kid wants in a birthday party. I spent my time sitting on the grass watching the chaos and hugging the kids whenever they ran over. But I was too tired to chat with the other parents.

IMG_1676 (Medium)
Anna and Elsa from Frozen.
I was so tired I hardly even spoke to J who came to sit beside me. But it was nice to be home and nice to see my family. Nice to re-enter my life but be able to sit on the sidelines for a little. I watched the kids be really nice to Little K who only wanted to go down the slip-n-slide with the water off. I watched one little boy throw balls at people and then throw a chair in the air over and over. I watched a little girl fall and get up and scream "I'm having so much fun!" over and over.

And over and over I smiled. I was back where I belong. I was happy.

IMG_1677 (Medium)
Devouring ice cream.
I'm sure the kids were happy to see me too but I'm also sure they loved the party and the cake and the princess and the loot bags. Kids birthday parties are where it's at.

I'm glad to be home. And glad to sleep in my own bed.


  1. Toooootally want that Frozen cake for my own birthday! :) Welcome home.