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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Give a kid a tree... ~ Wordless Wednesday

The first big purchase we made for the backyard was 4 trees. We chose 4 different ones for variety - a maple, a honey locust, something narrow, and a Russian olive. We liked that they're all different shapes and sizes, with leaves of differing shades of green. They also grow at different rates and our maple is by far the fastest growing tree we have.

That was 6 or so years ago. Today, the maple is big enough to climb and we couldn't be happier! I was big on climbing trees when I was younger and remember going out with my friends on our bikes to the forest behind our neighbourhood.  "Our tree" was the perfect climbing tree with strong thick branches and a convenient vee for perching about 30 feet off the ground. We spent hours chatting and laughing, mostly about boys, in that tree, climbing down and reluctantly biking away when it was time for lunch or dinner. 

It seems my little friends have inherited my love of climbing and are up in the maple almost every day. Little J can get high enough so I can't reach him. High enough that the branches are thin enough to bend under his weight. High enough that my heart starts racing. It's inevitable that he falls one of these days. I hope that, like when he falls off his bike, he'll get right back up.

IMG_1538 (Medium)
Now that's a happy boy.

Little K needs a boost to get into the tree and doesn't go near as high as her brother. She's so proud of herself and is very determined so it won't be long. Plus she's lighter and can probably go higher.

IMG_1535 (Medium)
My little climber.

Trees are just so great and I'm glad one of ours grew into something the kids can climb. Do you have a climber?

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  1. I really want to plant a tree at our new house (in the front yard - we have a LOVELY full tree in our backyard.) I still can't decide what one to pick though. Now that spring has come, I'm leaning towards a magnolia tree.

    1. Oooh! I'm curious to know what you decide. We love our front tree - it was planted by the builders or the city (not sure, but it came with the house). We don't know what it is but it starts out with green leaves and white flowers and the leaves turn purple. It's fun!