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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Fun local event: Touch a Truck

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Two years ago when Little J was 2 and in the height of his Thomas the Train obsession we tried to go to Touch a Truck. It's an event where kids can touch, sit in, walk through, and admire all sorts of big trucks. From fire engines to school buses, to big rigs and dump trucks, motorcycles and race cars, it's huge!

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We didn't make it that year because a certain little someone (Little K) puked all over the car and when we got her cleaned up, got her in new clothes, and got there, there was a huge line up and it was boiling and we all smelled like sour milk. No thank you.

This year was a last-minute decision with J out of town and me having made no plans, I literally told the kids about 30 minutes before it was set to start and we headed over. The line was long but being there with a 3- and 4-year old with no one smelling like puke was okay. We got our bracelets and our map and made a bee line for the motorcycles. These are actually racing bikes and when the guy told us that kids as young as 4 can race, Little J's face lit up! I think we'll be checking it out this summer.

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Little J falling in love with a bike.
Some trucks, like this tree one, had little activities set up for the kids. The kids used a chainsaw to cut into a tree stump.

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Cutting away.

I wasn't at all surprised when the kids loved the race cars. The lineups were long so they didn't sit in any, but I think they've sat in them all at some point. They're the Calabogie Motorsports cars that have been at various shows we've been to (Ottawa Car Show and the Classic Car Show.)

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Race cars.

Along the way Little J also sat in a couple tow trucks, an army vehicle, and we all walked through a paramedic van. Little K was being shy though and wouldn't sit in any of the trucks but when we went inside the mall she sat on this tiger toy.

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She just sat there.

There was a lot to see and do inside the mall too. There were motorcycles lined up to sit on, a science center and craft area we somehow missed, shows by Little Ray's Reptiles, and plasma cars to zip around on.

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This baby alligator was a hit.

IMG_1591 (Medium)
And this snake is less than half full-grown!
We actually went back and saw the reptile show again and Little K waited until she could ride the yellow plasma car.

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Zoom zoom!
We took a break for lunch at the nearby Wendy's but I think walking around all morning in the hot sun was too much for us and we hardly ate. We headed back so Little J could get a balloon sword and Little K could get her face painted, but didn't stay much longer.

I was so impressed by this event and the kids had a great time. There was so much to see and do and so many little things that wowed the kids - superheroes and princesses walking around, face painting and balloon animals to name a few. I'm glad we made it out this year and will probably be back next year.

Touch a Truck is in support of Mothercraft, a local non-profit that offers support services to women and families. Mothercraft has a birth companion program where volunteers support low-income women and families during labour. It's basically the city's volunteer doula program that I'm considering joining. Training is in the fall.

Were you at Touch a Truck? How did you like it?

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