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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

End of year school events

School is almost done - only 3 days left. That means my little man is almost done his first year. I can hardly believe it! There have been events here and there to mark the end of the year: a class picnic and a school BBQ. The class picnic was fun because it was only the junior kindergarten kids at a park right behind the school during school hours. Little K and I walked over and spent 2 hours with Little J and his classmates. Little K got to play and I got to chat with some of the parents. There was a lot of "so you're so-and-so's mom!"

IMG_1750 (Medium)
The teacher helping the kids fly a kite.

IMG_1756 (Medium)
Little K swinging with her new buddy.
The school barbecue was held in the evening so J could come too. We walked over and figured out where we needed to go. Our first stop: tickets for the bouncy castle. We coached Little J on looking out for his sister while they were inside and he did just that. They went through over and over having a great time. We all shared hamburgers and hotdogs on the grass, played on the play structure, listened to the school's glee club, and ate cotton candy.
IMG_1775 (Medium)
In the bouncy castle.
IMG_1776 (Medium)
Picnic dinner.

IMG_1777 (Medium)
It's nice that the school has these things. I don't remember having anything similar when I was in school and I'm not sure if we didn't or I just didn't get to go. Either way, it's good for Little J to get out and do things with his school friends, friends I'm hoping he'll have for years to come. And it's extra nice when Little K gets to have some fun too.

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