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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Black Car ~ Wordless Wednesday

A couple of years ago we got our Miata. A little red convertible that J races. Last year he used a paint called Plasti-dip and painted the car black. It is quite helpful in setting the car apart from all the other red Miatas at autocross. We went from watching the red car to watching for the black car.

One of the great things about Plasti-dip is that it isn't permanent. You can peel it off so anytime the Miata can be a red car once again. Another great thing? You can colour on the car with chalk without damaging the paint. Instead of taping his number on the doors for races J uses chalk. And we let the kids decorate the car.

IMG_1408 (Medium)

Last week Little J's cool factor at school sky rocketed when J brought the black car in to show the kids. All three junior kindergarten classes got a chance to see the car and leave their mark. The car was completely covered by the time they were done. And Little J's face when he got off the bus that afternoon was priceless. The biggest smile and the happiest boy. Pretty cool, eh?

IMG_1406 (Medium)

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