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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pottery Painting at Color Me Mine {Wordless Wednesday and iPPP}

When I saw a Groupon for pottery painting I immediately asked some girlfriends if they wanted to go. One said yes and one said no so I had a friend! SH and I waited until the week the Groupon expired to finally make it out to Color Me Mine. She chose a huge cookie jar and I picked a piggy bank for my little girl. Little J was given a piggy bank a couple of years ago, hand painted by his aunt, and I knew I wanted one for Little K too.

IMG_1024 (Medium)
Just one of the many walls full of pieces you can choose.

I told her what I was doing and asked her what colours she'd like. She said that she wanted it to match her summer hat - light pink with polka dots. Easy. I brought her hat with me to match the colours.

IMG_1026 (Medium)
Picking colours.

Color Me Mine has pieces painted with all the colours available in a grid so it was easy to figure out what I needed. I put a big pile of light pink on a plate and smaller blobs of the other colours on a palette. I painted three coats of light pink on the pig, including the bottom and then attacked with a wooden dowel for the polka dots.

IMG_1021 (Medium)
The painting process.

I put the year and k* on the bottom just like the mug I painted back in 2011. This is what it looked like when I was done:

IMG_1025 (Medium)
The pig before being fired.
That wasn't the end of our evening though. SH and I took advantage and went to a restaurant to chat, drink pop, and eat greasy food. It was so good to be out.

A week later it was time to pick up our pieces. I took Little K after dropping Little J off at school. We went in the store and she saw the piggy bank for the first time. She loved it! We had to wrap it back up to take it home, but she took it out as soon as we got home. She couldn't wait to put some money in it.

IMG_1221 (Medium)
Little K with her pig.

IMG_1226 (Medium)
The finished product.

She was so excited to show Little J when he got home and he brought his piggy bank over so they could look at them together. Turns out Little K's piggy bank is a bit bigger than Little J's. Guess what that means to a 3-year-old? Not okay! Panic! Tantrum! I hate it, mom!

IMG_1229 (Medium)
Blue pig, pink pig.

Little J and I both tried to convince her that it was okay and Little J even traded piggy banks with her to make her happy. But she was pissed and I was sad. The next day she still didn't like her piggy bank but something changed that night and she wanted hers back. Since then it's sat on her bedside table. I think she likes it but I'm afraid to ask.

IMG_1232 (Medium)
A girl and her piggy bank.

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  1. Oh dear...well she looks like she's ok with it again in the last (cute!) photo. I was thinking you were going to say bigger was better but no!!
    That's a fun project - now I want to try it out sometime - and at least you got some friend time in, too.