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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My Mother's Day

My Mother's Day was really Mother's Day Weekend. I felt celebrated and loved and hope my mom and mother-in-law did too. Reading over my posts from past years I noticed a theme: I get to sleep in, the kids give me cards and presents, and we see our families. This year was no different.

Last week Little K got to spend some time in Little J's classroom for an open house. That day they both came home with a card for me for Mother's Day. And Friday, Little J hopped off the bus carrying a paper bag that contained a baby sunflower plant for me.

IMG_1319 (Medium)
Even though it was for me, this plant lives in Little J's room.

After a sleep in Sunday morning, J and the kids brought up pancakes and more presents - a salad spinner that doesn't leak, a can opener and cheese grater. I love practical gifts.

IMG_1327 (Medium)
So proud of herself.

IMG_1330 (Medium)
Helping me eat.

In between playing outside and more playing outside, I took myself to lunch. And just so I didn't have to make any of my own meals we went to J's parent's house for dinner.

Saturday was the first autocross of the year. The kids and I braved the gusty winds and blowing sand to watch J race once before heading to my parent's place for lunch.

IMG_1320 (Medium)
At the first autocross of the year.

IMG_1322 (Medium)
Car 23 ready to go!

We had a good time but I regret not getting a good picture of me and my mom. Or me and my mom and Little K. I've seen some really nice shots from my friends on Facebook and wish I'd thought to take one too. At least I got one with my babies.

IMG_1347 (Medium)
Not behind the camera for once.
I've been a mom now for four and a half years, which is a long time and not such a long time. I've learned a few things along the way and know that I can do better. I'm not the best mom out there and I'm not even the best I can be every day. But I'm trying and I'm getting better. I'm throwing out the things that don't work and clinging to the fact that my kids eat broccoli as if that's proof that I'm doing something right. But I know I'm doing something right when they tell me they want to marry me. It's adorable and I feel loved.

I hope you all had a good Mother's Day whether you're the mom, you're celebrating your mom, or both!

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