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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Manotick Miler

It's been a busy week with events and J being away and I'm desperately trying to find time to write about it. I've run races, I've been inspired, I've been wowed, and now I'm tired. I can't wait for the weekend and maybe some time to myself. But first, let's get started on the catching up around here.

This past weekend was the Manotick Miler, a running race held in Manotick, Ontario. It's a small race with a lot to offer. There are 4 distances (1 mile, 3 miles, 5 miles, and 10 miles) with great routes, a swag bag filled with goodies, and all the things that big races offer with a small race feel. I really like not having to drive a long way, not having to search and search for a parking spot, not having to wait 10+ minutes to cross the start line after the gun goes off, and having space to run at my own pace. These are things you find at smaller races like the Manotick Miler.

IMG_1033 (Medium)
That's a lot of bibs.
Early Sunday morning I hopped in the Miata and got myself to the race. My 3-miler started at 9:30am and it was chilly, but sunny. After a kilometer I stopped to walk and take off my hoodie. I haven't been out much (I've run three or four times in the past 4 or 5 months) so I took it easy and my time reflects that. 3 miles isn't quite 5K and it's my slowest 5K time. Ouch. But I finished, I didn't hurt myself, and I got a sweet medal.

IMG_1039 (Medium)
Sweet 3 miler medal.

I went back to the car to eat my post-race snacks, drink water, and wait for J and the kids to arrive. The 4 of us had a family 1 miler starting at 11am. The kids weren't too sure, but got their bibs on and were ready to go.

IMG_1043 (Medium)
Family shot pre-race.

IMG_1049 (Medium)
The begining of the 1 miler.

As soon as we crossed the start line we all started running. The boys went ahead while I trotted beside my little girl, who, though tall for her age, is still pretty slow. And then she lost it when she realized the boys were so far ahead we couldn't see them. Thankfully a quick text and they waited while we caught up.

IMG_1051 (Medium)
We all ran at first.

And then Little K's knees were tired. This is a common complaint walking to and from the bus stop so I wasn't surprised. I think I'll start using that excuse and getting carried by a hot guy for my races too.

IMG_1054 (Medium)
Not the typical way to run a race.

After a few falls and a few tears, we made it to the finish line. There weren't too many people so the announcers cheered on Little K by name and she loved that. We each got a medal and some water and food and then relaxed and chatted with some friends.

IMG_1062 (Medium)
1-miler medals.
IMG_1055 (Medium)
Post-race snacks.

It was a really good event and so nice to be out in the sun getting some exercise. We'll keep doing these races as a family when we can to encourage the kids to be active. Hopefully by the time they're older they'll have a huge pile of results online to look through and be proud of. I know I'm proud of them.

I really like how the Manotick Miler has a hashtag you can follow on Twitter (#iamamiler) and a Facebook group where they're sharing pictures from the event. It's fun to see action shots and people enjoying themselves after the race in the beer tent. If J didn't have to leave for the airport that afternoon we probably would have stayed too.

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