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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Going to the dentist

It's been a little quiet on the blog and I apologize. Quiet doesn't mean we haven't been doing things... last week I took the kids to the dentist for Little J's checkup. He's been twice before and both times were not-so-great. His first was when he turned 3 and we might as well have not taken him. He wouldn't open his mouth or do anything. The second time was a little better but it still wasn't a full cleaning. This time was different. This time Little J was a rock star!

It started off as all appointments should: sitting on miniature chairs in the waiting room.

IMG_1353 (Medium)
It's spring yet she insists on wearing a toque and mitts.
We never have to wait long and soon we were in the room and Little J was in the chair. He got to go up and down a couple times which he loved. He kept telling the hygienist that her light was dirty and asked for the sunglasses because it was so bright.

IMG_1355 (Medium)
He rocked his appointment, but kept his bear superclose for support.
Little K and I hung out, but when there was a minute between the cleaning and when the dentist came in to check his teeth, she hopped on the chair and they went up and again a couple more times.

IMG_1357 (Medium)
Enjoying the ride.
At the end of the appointment, they were both given a coin to put in the toy machine. When I was little my dentist had a treasure chest you could pick from, but this is a dispenser. The kids love the toys from here and they both chose a sticky frog.

I'm glad that we've turned a corner when it comes to dentist appointments. Both kids seem fine now, though that might change when they have to have x-rays. We'll see. Have you taken your kids to the dentist? How did it go?

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