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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Date night: Nature Nocturne

Love going out but tired of the same bars and clubs? The Museum of Nature has just the thing: parties every month where the castle turns into a nightclub, complete with bars and DJs. Friday night was the last Nature Nocturne event until the fall and I really wanted to go. The theme this month was *glow* to go along with the Creatures of Light exhibit.

IMG_1489 (Medium)
Glowing jellyfish from outside.
J and I are trying to get out together without kids more often. Our kids are a little older and leaving them is getting easier. I'm not saying you can't leave young kids or babies, just that we don't often leave them. In fact, my curfew has only recently been lifted. We're taking the opportunity to date again. So I planned our night and got J's parent's to watch the kids and we headed downtown together. I've been fighting a cold for a week or so but I was determined to get out and have fun. Nature Nocturne did not disappoint.

Parking was a hassle but we found a pay lot a couple blocks away. It was so nice being out that I didn't mind the walk. When we got to the museum our tickets were scanned and we were given bracelets and then we were a bit lost, unsure of where to go first. The music was blaring from above so we headed upstairs. There were three areas with DJs pumping music though there was an obvious favourite right underneath the enormous glowing jellyfish.

We went right up to the 4th floor and explored the Creatures of Light exhibit. The poor flashlight fish don't seem to be doing well, not flashing as much as when I saw them before, but it was still neat. We ended up seeing all the different areas: birds, mammals, dinosaurs. It was so strange being in the museum with music blaring, without kids, and with all sorts of adults from the completely sober to the staggering drunk. It was a great night for people-watching.

IMG_1482 (Medium)

After a while our feet were getting sore (okay, maybe just mine) so we sat for a bit. We chatted and watched people go by, had a drink. We talked about how the event was a genius idea for the museum and how being in the museum at night and getting to explore while drinking and dancing was pretty awesome. We giggled at what people were wearing and how they lit up under black lights. I didn't know that neon really glows and wouldn't mind if I never again saw someone with neon lips under black light. Creepy.

We had a lot of fun even if we didn't drink a bunch and dance until our feet fell off. It was so nice being out together and fun being in the dinosaur museum at an adult event. Nature Nocturne is back in the fall and I'm sure we'll be back again. Maybe next time with some friends because the museum is huge and can get kinda lonely when you don't know anyone else there.

IMG_1483 (Medium)
The view from above.
Have you ever been to an event like this? Do you go out for regular date nights with your partner?

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